How To Make Her Want You As More Than Just A “Friend With Benefits”


Make her yours.

I’ve spoken in detail before about how you can find girls who are willing to be your f**k buddy and in reality it’s a lot easier than you might think. The hard part is trying to keep her as a friend with benefits, because 90% of the time, it’s the girl that starts to develop real feelings for the guy and wants more.

But what if it’s the other way around?

What if YOU are the one that develops feelings first and wants to take things further… as in a REAL relationship, but she isn’t interested in doing that?

Well, I have the answers. So if this is you, grab a coffee and read this entire post, because it may just help you turn a sex buddy into a girlfriend.

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Signs she’s not interested in a relationship

Most guys don’t notice the signs that a girl really isn’t interested in a relationship and so instead of keeping a good thing going “the sex”, they instead ruin it for themselves.

  • Never calls or texts you first: This is a big sign as girls have options. When they have unlimited options I.e guys are texting them all the time asking them to come out, friends or introducing them to other friends, birthdays, etc… they won’t really have time for you as a boyfriend, but are happy to sleep with you when they’re horny. So… when they don’t call or text first, you are on the back foot dude.
  • Changes the subject when you talk about relationships: That moment of weakness you feel when you’ve just had sex or a little bit too much to drink and you ask her the dreaded question “So where do you think this is headed?”. If she changes the subject or stumbles across her words and says “let’s not talk about it now” or “I like what we have going” then you can be sure that she doesn’t want a relationship bro.
  • She makes excuses to leave after sex: Let’s be honest, a girl using you for sex is not a bad thing. So if she leaves very soon after having sex or you feel like you’re being used, then that’s also a flag that she only wants the D. Again, not a bad thing, at least she wants you for sex… but not great if you want to make her your girlfriend.

What you should never do

Ok, so you understand the red flags that she’ll be giving if she doesn’t want a relationship, but still just wants to sleep with you. But there are also things you should never do if you want to keep the f**k buddy agreement going. I.e don’t ruin it for yourself.

  • Don’t ask her “where is this relationship going?”: Being the first to ask her where the relationship is going is like you handing her your balls on a silver plate and saying “Do what you want with them, they’re yours”. It’s a dumb move and puts you in a defensive position. She ALWAYS needs to be the first to ask that.
  • Don’t react to her bullshit: Of course some women will throw shit tests your way and try to abuse you. For example, if she notices that you have other girls you’re sleeping with, but has no interest in being your boyfriend and tries to say that it’s not cool you have other girls on the go. You need to call her out on it. Say something like “If we’re f**k buddies… then you have no say so over who I sleep with aside from you… I don’t want to hear another word about it”. Boom, you’ve just laid down the law.
  • Don’t pester her for an answer: Never pester the girl for an answer if you’ve asked her to think of you both as more than just friends with benefits, which you should never have done by the way. This will only push her away and make her begin to loath you.
  • Don’t smother her: Do you remember when you were a kid and your mum or nan used to smother you and all you want to do was get away from them? That’s how it feels when you smother women, it suffocates them and makes them think twice about you as a potential partner.

How to transition from “Friends with benefits”

Now you know how to spot the signs that she’s not interested and what you should never do, here’s how to start the transition into making her feel the way you do and possibly start a relationship.

  • Throw in some cocky/funny: Any cool and attractive guy has two qualities. They are funny and they are slightly cocky, which is a mix of confidence and self respect. You need to make it clear that you care about her, but not so much that you’re going to bow down when she calls you. Call her out on shit, make jokes about her, make jokes in general, show you don’t care what others think… just be an attractive fun loving guy.
  • Let her see you have other options: Don’t rub int in her face, but make it clear that you have other girls on tap that you can see at a moments notice. For example, you get a text while you’re in bed and she says “who’s that?”. You reply “Oh just a friend”. You’ll most likely be friends on Facebook, so don’t be afraid to post pictures of you and other girls on there.
  • Put some distance between your replies: When/if she texts you, make sure you don’t text back quickly and always take longer than her. This will create a psychological advantage on your part and she will think you are more busier than you are.
  • Don’t be afraid to cancel: It’s fine to cancel once or twice to make her want you more. Don’t do it all the time or she’ll get pissed off, but once or twice is totally fine.
  • Get really good in bed: It doesn’t hurt to become a master in the bedroom you know. The better you are at sex, the less she will take you for granted because in reality… most men a crap in between the sheets.
  • Make it clear you are a high value man: Being high value is the best thing to make her want you more. You should invite her out to clubs when you know you’re going to be surrounded by cool people and hot girls, so she can get a little jealous and question whether you like her more over the other girls. It will spark more attraction knowing she’s sleeping with a high value male.

So there you have it. Simple tips you can use to take a friend with benefits into a relationship and make her your girlfriend if you want.

Got questions? Ask them in the comments…

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  1. I am in a friends with benefits relationship with a girl from last 2.5 years. And i know her from last 7 years. Our friendship bond is given 100% to each other but i started feeling insecure from last few weeks that i’ll get replaced maybe. So i tell her to take it forward and she says she’s not ready for any responsibility or relationship in coming months at least or years. She is willing to study higher and be free from restrictions. Now she knows how i feel. I can’t lose her anyhow. Is there any way that i assure her i won’t expect a relationship of gf/bf but I want my position to be mine only. And then i hope maybe she will start loving me someday. What should i do? Please help. I am in deep shit now. Thanks.

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