How To Naturally Demonstrate Higher Value Without Telling Lame Made Up Stories


Be the guy that women want in their life.

It reeeeeeeaaaaaally gets my goat, when I hear guys talking about making up DHV stories just to impress women and demonstrate that they are a high value or high status male.

Absolutely pathetic.

The moment I heard about DHV story telling back in the day, I immediately though…

“Wow, that’s so sad… you’re just lying to make yourself sound good”.

Here’s what I say to DHV stories… f**k that!

Today I want to show you how you can demonstrate higher value naturally, as a real man… with no canned material, routines or stackable crap that you memorised on the train to work this morning.

Let’s get into it…

1. Don’t tell DHV stories

Have you favourited a post on a popular forum that lists the top most successful DHV stories? Well bin them, you will never need another made up story in your life. If a girl is impressed by these stories you’re telling her (which are completely untrue by the way) how are you going to back the lies up, when things get serious with her? You can’t… so don’t.

2. Have cool friends that big you up

When I go out to bars and clubs, I ALWAYS have a bunch of guy friends that I consider to be cool. I know that if I leave them with a girl I like, they will say things about me (all completely true) that make me look good. Things like, “Rich is really cool, he’s a great guy… I’ve known him for years” etc.

This is natural social proof and all I do is go to the toilet or head outside for a bit and when I get back, I can immediately see a change in the girl. She’ll be more open, friendly, receptive and I can see that she’s way more attracted to me.

3. Hang out with hot women.. as much as possible

The more hot women you hang out with, the more you will be seen as an attractive male. Why? It’s called pre-selection and is something that happens subconsciously with EVERY woman. When women see you around other hot women, laughing and having a good time… they want to know who you are. You are now a man conveying value.

4. Be humble, authentic and honest

Forget gossip, jealousy and lying… those things will never get you anywhere. Always be humble, authentic and honest with every single person you meet. When girls introduce you to other girls (this is amazing for showing high value by the way) they will say that you have these qualities. Which woman doesn’t want a guy with these qualities? Exactly.

5. Have strong manly body language

Carry yourself as if you’re the man. Walk tall, hold your chin up, shoulders back, chest out, solid standing stance and take up some space. Showing to others that you’re a confident manly man will be picked up by women when you walk in a room. You’ll be able to approach any girl with confidence when you actually just DO IT.

6. Learn to not give a fuck

I can’t stress enough how important it is to not care about what others think of you. If you start caring what people think of you, then you’re going to be conscious of everything you do. It’s like micro management for your mind, which only leads you to being less confident about yourself and conveying a shy and timid character.

7. Take more risks

Women LOVE risk takers. It’s exciting and unpredictable… both things that women can’t get enough of. Don’t believe me? Read through one of their clit-lit books and see what kinds of character traits those books have again and again. Risk taking gets women REALLY excited.

8. Travel waaaaaay more

The more you travel, the more you will learn, experience and understand. It broadens your mind and makes you a more interesting person to be around. You’re stories will be true, engaging and demonstrate that your a well travelled guy which is again something exciting that women look for in a man.

9. Work on your humour

Funny guys are notoriously better with women than guys who don’t have a good sense of humour. I’m way more funnier now than I used to be and I can definitely see a difference in the way women react around me. They love a guy with a great sense of humour.

10. Develop and unshakeable character

Women will give you shit tests, try to break you… guys will AMOG you and beat you down verbally, maybe even physically. You have to remain strong at all times, don’t be afraid to stand up for what you think is right and for yourself (including people you care about). When women see this, they will feel attraction because you’re showing that you are a protector.

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