How To Fuck Up A Stripper In 8 Steps – The Ultimate Insiders Guide To Picking Up Strippers

So you want to know how to fuck a stripper huh? Well then. Lock the door… grab an ice cold beer from the fridge and slide that pot of vaseline to one side young man.

Today you’re going to be initiated into the big leagues.

Photo of a girls bum with the words "how to fuck a stripper".

Some of the finest women you’ll ever meet.

How you may ask?

Well I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to pickup a stripper and bang her, without spending thousands on dances, lavish drinks or going to the same club for years.

That’s right big boy, a REAL life smokin hot stripper!

You know, the types of women that every guy would sell their left nut to sleep with… the big smooth round booty, those perfectly perky boobies, the big red “blow job” style lips and the smell of… scrumptious filth.

Yep, you know what I’m talking about.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have sex with a stripper?

Sexy woman in a bedroom as a silhouette

Get ready for the ride of your life dude.

They would ride you like a demented cowboy… you wouldn’t be able to wipe that silly grin off your face for at least a week afterwards!

Well, that could be you IF you follow the exact steps I have outlined below.

After you’ve read and applied everything I’m about to reveal, you’ll be able to walk into any strip club in the world and pickup a stripper whilst your buddies just watch with pure envy.

Ok, let’s get started…

Quick Note: Once you finally get a stripper, you need to know HOW to bang her the right way, otherwise she’ll lose interest. You should watch this video first, it will show you everything you need to know.

1. Don’t be “the usual” punter

Normal punters don’t get laid.

If you’re a normal punter, you’re there for one reason. To get money extracted from you in the quickest time possible.

  • Never pay for a dance – The is the GOLDEN rule. If you pay for a dance, then you are just another schmuck. If you want a dance, get your friend to pay for you, but make it look like you didn’t ask him and it’s a surprise.
  • Don’t splash the cash on the girl you like – Throwing your money around in a strip club is like cutting your foot and sticking it into a piranha infested lake. If you want to impress the girl you like, you shouldn’t spend money on her otherwise this just puts you in the same place as the other guys and attracts gold diggers.
  • Don’t ogle her – Never ogle the girl on stage, if she sees you staring she will know that you’re into her BIG TIME and that means she will come over and try to extract cash from you.

2. Understand how the club works

The dynamics of a strip club are very easy to understand.

You have the doormen who is a meathead but usually a nice guy, the DJ who spins the tracks and introduces the girls on stage, the manager who runs around looking after VIPs and gets laid like a rock star, the bar guys who also get laid lots and then the strippers.

  • Look at how the manager operates – He knows everyone, he looks important and he has a lot of charisma (confidence). You need to emulate this guy on some level. Dress smart and play the part of someone high value.
  • Befriend the staff – By knowing the staff you will have more social value than the other guys in the club, plus you’ll get free drinks eventually.

3. Never ask predictable questions

We all know that boring questions get you nowhere outside of the strip club with normal girls, so why would you do the same thing inside a strip club? You wouldn’t so don’t ask them.

  • Pole tricks – Don’t ask them if they know any cool pole tricks, they’ve been asked this before and it wasn’t funny the first time.
  • Where they’re from – Seriously, you really want to know? Stop asking lame questions like this!
  • Their real name – Who cares what their real name is?! I don’t care if it’s trixxy or porche, that’s the last thing on my mind.

4. Avoid responding to her sexual advances

Strippers are incredible at removing cash from a man’s wallet without actually taking it themselves. They do it with sexual mind tricks and they work almost every time.

  • Try not to be impressed by her naked ass – If she’s the hottest girl you’ve ever seen in your life, just try and act as if you don’t care. As though her hotness doesn’t affect you in any way. Most guys will crumble but you won’t, this will make her think that her powers don’t work on you.

5. Understand her mindset

She will be thinking several things on a normal work night in the club, but one of them sure aint finding a guy she wants to sleep with.

She’s there to make cash, the sooner you understand what she’s thinking the easier it will be to pick her up. Picking up strippers is damn easy when you know how her mind works.

  • They don’t like the job – Most strippers hate their job… and for good reason too. The guys are slimy and creepy and a lot don’t pay out. Plus the girls need to be seen to be happy and like they’re enjoying themselves when they’re not.
  • She will meet most of her boyfriends in the club, due to unsociable hours. This means that you stand a good chance of actually picking her up. Try and relate with this topic.

6. Get to the REAL her (connect)

This is where the magic begins, you need to connect with her on a very personal level before she can start to see that you are different from the other guys.

Here’s how you can connect:

  • What does she do when not in the club? Find her passion and talk to her about it.
  • Questions like “well I’m sure you only do this for money, but what do you really want to be doing?” and she’ll come up with her dream.  A lot of strippers want to be singers or actresses or some other type of creative job.
  • If she doesn’t ask you for a dance, you are doing things right. She doesn’t see you as a punter.
  • If she gets restless or worried about making cash, you can say “go and make some money and come back later” this is a great way of getting her to come back.
  • When you find out something about the “real her”, that is when you show interest (not when she uses sexuality). She’ll love it and it shows difference from all the other guys.
  • You need interesting answers to their stock questions, or to switch the focus back to them and remain a mystery man.

7. Getting her number

This may seem like the hardest part, but it’s actually the easiest providing you’ve done everything right up until this point.

  • They won’t be allowed to just put their number in your phone, due to the policies at the club and it could look like prostitution.
  • They might go and write it down and give to you – If she does this, don’t make a big deal of it, just say you’ll call her.
  • A trick I use is to put on my phone’s voice recorder, ask them their number and then repeat it back into my phone without her ever touching it. Works every time!

8. Meet her away from the club

Work that pole girlfriend

Now you’ve built rapport, connected with her and gotten the number. You need to work out a way to meet up with her outside of the club.

You can either do this on the night or you can call her at a later date, either way it fine.

  • Once you find out what she does outside of the club, you’ll get an insight into when she’s free. You can ask her “so when do you usually get some down time?”.
  • She’s probably lonely, lots of strippers are locals and they hate the other girls in the club.  Meeting her outside won’t be super difficult, just say “I need to leave now but maybe I can chat to you outside for a minute”.

So that’s the 8 steps I use to pick up strippers. Pretty damn simple don’t you think?

Most of it comes down to having the balls to pull this kind of move off, because the majority of guys wouldn’t think about picking up a stripper… they would only dream about it.

Conclusion: How to fuck a stripper recap

  • Never be “the usual” type of punter – Most guys in strip clubs are their to spend money and ogle the girls. Don’t be that guy, stand out.
  • Understand exactly how the club works – Get to know the door guys, the bar staff, managers and anyone who can help build up your social proof.
  • Stop asking predictable questions every guy asks – Don’t ask questions like “how big are your tits?”. These are dumb sexually driven questions.
  • Don’t respond to her sexual advances – When she’s rubbing your cock through your jeans, don’t react. Just look uninterested sexually.
  • Get inside her head and know what she wants – Aside from money, she also wants the same as everyone else. Love, happiness, security, a great group of friends, social acceptance etc.
  • Build intense rapport – Rapport is essential when pulling strippers. Learn some basic rapport skills and then master them until it becomes second nature.
  • Take down her number – Get her digits fast. Some clubs don’t allow you to take girls numbers inside, so you may need to ask her to record it on your phone, write it down at the bar and give it you secretly or take her outside to get it. If she doesn’t text you back, then you didn’t follow the steps correctly.
  • Meet her outside the club – It’s one thing building familiarity inside the club, but you also need to see her outside of the club also. No makeup, with a coffee and not looking like a dancer. This will make her see you in a different way.
  • Get in shape – Most strippers are seriously hot, so they don’t want to sleep with a guy who’s fat. Get in shape and give them something to desire too.
  • Be insanely funny – Learn how to be more funny, it will be far easier to get her to relax and think of you as a potential partner.

HANG ON: Would you like to know how to bang a stripper so good that she invites her stripper friends for threesomes? Then check this out.

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  1. Speaking as a stripper – Stop trying to get us to go home with you. This whole thing that I only begrudgingly refer to as an article just reads like a jackass who hates women is bitter because a stripper rejected him and now he’s trying to teach other men to make other strippers reject them too.

    If you don’t spend money on us then we ARE going to tell you that you’re an annoyance that no one wants in the club. We’ll gleefully tell other dancers and waitresses that you’re probably just poor and desperate and you’re likely only at the club because no one would even give you the time of day for free. They will all avoid you because of that. You will get mocked in the dressing room. No one is going to even put up with you never mind go home with you.

    We are there to do a job. Not to go home with you. We aren’t your “I fucked a stripper” merit badges. We aren’t just a vagina for you to snatch up for the night. If you can’t go to the club, relax with friends and some pretty women, have some dances, and then call it a night without thinking our bodies are your souvenirs then you have no place in the club at all. We’ve got bills to pay just like you. If you can’t pay us for our work and respect the fact that we ARE at WORK then leave.

  2. This is how you get punched or ignored in the club. career stripper here, ive met many men in the club that i slept with, dated or married. this is absolutely not the way to pick up a stripper. this is how you piss us off

  3. GUYS DONT LISTEN THIS ADVICE COULDNT BE MORE WRONG!! I am a dancer of 6 years and all these tricks have been tried and any dancer in her right mind would see right through it!! Especially the money part, WRONG WRONG WRONG. Spend money! Dancers love guys that don’t have a problem dropping serious cash on them. And do not tell them how to do they’re job you’ll sound extremely condescending!

  4. Im guessing guys are on here because they really do have a stripper in mind they are going after.

    Well! I’ll give you real advice that actually works.

    We’re gonna look over at the pretentious table of young 3 guys in the corner not tipping and be a little offended that they expect us to dance on stage and do our makeup and hair and walk around in heels for 8 hours for free.

    You should leave if youre only at the strip club to look at girls. The whole point is paying them for being there and interacting with you.

    Its what you do with that interaction time that counts.

    Impress her! Dress nice, smell nice, wear a watch, open up to the one youve been eying. Call her over but ignore other girls.

    Shes a person too and she will feel special. You just won yourself some extra time w her a little bit.

    Okay if you go into someones workplace where they literally dont get a paycheck and you impose yourself on their time without paying them, youre rude and inconsiderate.

    Maybe Im a crazy unicorn strippers but Id never date someone who was rude and inconsiderate….

    100% of strippers more likely to hang out with you if you take them to nice places and you’re a gentleman.

    If you want a bunch of them to hang out with you, offer them food and massages and alcohol and weed. If you can stay generous and sweet and funny and charming and not creepy or forceful then they will feel SAFE AROUND YOU. And once a couple of them feel safe around you, the rest will follow suit. But you can tell all the girls I know dirty jokes and they think they’re great.

    Beleive it or not, there are a lot of clubs Ive been to where the girls like eachother. You would be better off tipping everyone, but tipping your girl you like a little more so she feels special again. Itll be the difference between 1 and 5 dollars and she is more likely to stay with you.

    In that time, impress her. Smell good. Compliment her and talk about your backrub skills or something. She’ll want to get in close with you. Dont be rough with her if youre allowed to touch her. She’ll be dying to squirm away from you. Wash your hands by the way. Be clean please.

    I know strippers. Theyre like kitties. Be good to them and theyll be good to you. And yeah she’s either attracted to you or she’s not. But also either shes looking for that or shes not. You cant be upset if this article didnt work because shes married or has a boyfriend already and wont go out with you because you thought she liked you….

    But anyway, all Im saying is if you want the really good girls then you’re better off standing out to her by asking when she works and being the only one in the place she can relax with and not have anxiety about losing money. Because youre understanding and youre tipping her and youre giving her backrubs. It works. They stay. For free sometimes!

    Theyll be disappointed if you waste their time while they’re on the clock though so be careful.

    Yes get to know the staff and waitresses and managers and girls.

    Just dont be an asshole and ignore her and make her feel like shes ugly thats seriously the rudest thing you can do :) lol

    I remember years ago sitting with a guy I thought was cute… and then I went up to dance on stage and he was right there sitting in front of the stage making a dark-sexy grinning eye contact with me. Throwing money on me, showing me how hot he thinks I am and all that ego stroking shit that works on girls.

    He was like “man I just want to take you out of here” and he probably could have if he followed up with me like a real guy who has interest in me.

    I love when a dude buys me food or drinks. It makes us feel like he wants to take care of us and be sweet and “daddy-esq”

    So no, the article is wrong. Spend your money on the girls. Shes got a reason to sit w you if she leaves a glass of wine there. And even if youre not tipping her, if youre talking and drinking with her… if shes one of the classier girls shes gonna try to be courteous and probably try to finish most of/all of the drink with you.

    So you have plenty of time to make a good impression.

    Talk to her intellectually. Make her think a little if you think shes one of the smarter girls then ask her opinions on things. You can definitely get a girl to vent if you go about it the right way and play your cards right. She’ll perceive you as different from the other guys and like you more if she thinks she can talk to you on a different level. So be sweet and patient.

    Im not even kidding. Like if you change the pace for her without being an inconsiderate, cheap asshole, then you’re gonna get a lot farther with the prettier/quality girls because they know what theyre worth and you know theyre spoiled. So they wanna be treated well.

    The guys we go back to the most are the guys who are the most understanding and chill about us leaving and making money and are a nice break from strangers for when we come back.

    He was right that it’s nice for you to not ask stupid questions.

    “Id love to know your real name but I understand how dangerous that is to do in a strip club” works really well to show her you’re that guy she can come escape to. It shows youre interested in her but wont pressure her.

    I hope this helps someone get laid or other.

    All I know is acting like you arent attracted to me is just gonna make me ignore you for someone who thinks Im smoking hot and pays me and can hold a conversation and acts like hes actually having fun and can make me laugh. Same with countless girls I know. But you can do whatever you want and I wish you luck!!! :)

    • 39 years old, Born and raised in Cali….Like most men i love a hot women…I’ve got some advise on how to pick up a stripper….Crazy thing here is I didn’t set out with an agenda to have sex with these women but it happened….so believe me when I tell you this

      1) Find a girl you vibe with. Rapport will come natural. No matter how you slice and dice it you will enjoy your evening better with a girl you are in rapport with.
      – Rapport makes things real
      2) The girls are there to work not to find a boyfriend. If your broke I have no advice for you. I would take my time making sure I found the girl I was most attracted to physically and mentally.. In the meantime I’m tipping the girls who are on stage, out of respect. When I find the girl I like, it’s on. Might drop her a $20, might drop her a $100 and tell her it’s just cause I don’t want you to forget about me tonight…
      -Important part here is don’t brag, be chill. If you are in rapport with the girl the two of you will genuinely want to know more about each’s fun now not just work..
      4) Let the women work but you better be the guy who she keeps coming back too, keep buying drinks…you spend a couple hours at this getting drunk building rapport…
      5) time to dance….see where that takes you…you should know at this point if she is just working or she is getting turned on…You start making out and guess what, you got a real shot cowboy
      6) Phone number is easy, the girl has to eat too…
      San Francisco, San Diego, Scottsdale Az & Honolulu Hawaii….4 different cities & ya I got lucky in all of them. The chicks were awesome, tremendouslyfun, sex was fucking off the charts, and I dated the girls from Cali for a while and in Az & Hawaii they ended up like my short term girlfriends.
      7) best part these chicks were unbelievably hot and just as fun.
      8) feelings got to real one time, i don’t recommend that.
      9) food for thought, I’m no scrub and I’m nothing special. Probably been to a strip club 20 times total. Generally your going to pick them up the same way you would in real life

  5. I find it’s helpful picking up girls when you are there with your wife. We never pay for a dance from the girl we like. We will tip the waitress in front of her. When she is on stage we might take her a buck or two. Spend your money just NOT on her. It has worked for us, but I will not say it’s fool proof. A lot of it depends on the girl. Also it helps if you’re chasing the club chub (still hot). Go in relax, be personable, spend money (not on her), maybe buy her drink or ask if she’s 420 friendly. Maybe we just get lucky sometimes.

    • This is the most ridiculous advice and article ever!! I am a stripper ” spend the money in front of her just not on her ” yeah bc when I’m at work I just love nothing more then to watch the customer or in your case customers I am with spend maybe 2 dollars on me tip everyone else .. And waste an hour of my time when I am at my job have a child .. I thought this article was ridiculous ! So I thought I would look in the comments and it would get better.. Wtf!!

      • Right?? If a guy is spending money on everyone except me I think I would be pretty pissed off. Also if they don’t do a dance with me, there is no way in hell you are getting my number. I go to the club to make money, not to socialize or get picked up. Maybe this would work on some newbie stripper who really has no idea what they are doing, but definitely not someone who knows what they are doing.

  6. I picked up a stripper just by asking if she would like to get a coffee. She came and we fucked for about a month. Went on dates and that’s all. After that I had my fun and moved on.

  7. It’s for BS like this that newbies find even more problems dating and picking up women
    than they normally would. Congrats on being so stupid buddy!
    Since you obviously won’t allow me to post anything that disagrees with your stupid little strategy,
    then I hope at least you got a little educated yourself.
    Later you dupe!

  8. I’m a stripper and trust me, this doesn’t work as well as you think. The first step is where you go horribly wrong – a girl is there to make money, so if you act like you aren’t going to pay, she’s just going to leave the table. I say this because I’ve been in the business for a while and only once have I EVER stayed talking to a guy who wasn’t going to buy a dance, and it was because it was a slow night and NONE of the guys were looking for dances.

    • OK a year from that response do you still feel the same way?? I like this stripper and I’ve noticed how cool she is. Honestly in a strip club it seems a lot easier. My personality is this I don’t see a lot of women being attracted to me, most times it bothers me sometimes it doesn’t. But I am also particular so in a way I could actually care less lol. I’ll see a woman like I see cars. Oh here she comes and there she goes. I enjoy a good watch. But once I see something I kind of do an observation. Without letting them know. (The shy innocent nice guy that just asked if you had the time. He has it, he just wanted to see how you sound and react to his question). I know the square but that’s me.
      I went to the strip club and well I knew from a previous conversation one if the strippers that told me to come by so finally I showed up. With her already getting me with a big smile and hug it was easy to blend especially being the new guy. But one particular striper caught my eye, she as I said was baby faced and laid back wasn’t loud or thirsty, she was just cool. The one I came for I had second thoughts on her. Even if we’re just friends honesty is the best approach to me. I don’t think I could trust her that well. But Karnen with a K as she introduced herself was tall and cool. I actually dropped the other chick off at least going that the free ride would break the ice but no luck. She told me to call when I got home, but instead I went back to the club. (My first time going in 5 years). I came back to finish talking to the lovely cool tall young lady. Karmen, with a K. She was opposite. We talked and she talked soft spoken, with a nice smirk on her face. I’m very affectionate and the other girl held my hand and kept touching me asking for a dance and so on. It went from being sweet to looked at as a business venture and I didn’t even get any gas for the ride no invite or anything, hell not even head. (Not saying she should’ve but dam the thought). But karmen barely touched me. She asked politely once or twice for a dance. I did give her 5 for sitting with me. Least I could do. And we talked more and enjoyed the music. Though she wasn’t sitting in my lap, we were close I kind of appreciated it more. She even took off to dance while I looked around enjoying the scene. Ten minutes later she came back (this was a Wednesday night by the way so it wasn’t jumping it was just popping I would hate to go any club especially like this on a week end). I asked if she was single or what she was looking for she said whatever man God pots in her way. Sad part about this is she sounds believable. How much an I supposed to believe?!

    • Ever hear the saying, different strokes with different folks? Anyway, me and my best friend do this very thing in the article every other weekend. Yes, they are there to make money and not every one of the girls will just sit and talk. This works 100% of the time, the 6 places we go to. Does it work on every single one of them? No, but you will get 2 or 3 that night depending on how well you’re doing. All you have to do is not be a creep and be the guy that’s there to have fun and hang out.

  9. I am going to start by saying the girls in these clubs are just working. They have one job and they is remove the money from your pocket and put it in their bank account. Yes, you may get lucky and click with one of these fine ladies and hook up. There is no guideline on “how to” because the girls are people just like everyone else trying to make a living. Yes there are drug users and other girls with addictions that you may have a better chance of scoring with but is that what you really really want?

    My experience is this… be respectful and talk to them like they are a lady not a piece of meat. Tip generously and gratuitously (if those words are too big Goggle them). The girls in the club are working not parading around to give you a hard on for free. Yes, I will agree if you are an easy mark the girls will be all over you and take you for every dollar you have but you don’t have to be that guy.

    I tip every girl that goes across the stage but I don’t ever get up and let them smack their boobs or stick their ass in my face. I just smile, say something like “you are very pretty” and hand them a $5 or $10. Yes I know most of the girls just take the money and go but when you look a girl in the eye and not her crotch and say they are pretty or compliment them on their shoes and not say “you gots great titties” I assure you they will remember you and will come by and say hello later if you’re not a total sleaze bag.

    I am not in the habit of picking up on girls in the clubs but almost every time I go one or two of the girls will talk to me in an open and honest dialog about themselves. In fact, I have never asked one what her real name is but almost always they tell me and ask me more personal questions and don’t even talk about money. What makes most of the new girls I talk to want to know me is they can’t figure out why I look them in the eye and not want to be smacked with their boobs. I tell them I would prefer to look at a pretty face than anything. Girls are girls and they want to be told they are pretty, that they are special and they you look at them as a person not a snapshot for your spank bank later.

    I’ve gotten phone #’s from girls without asking, I’ve gotten dates without asking. Respect who they are and what your role is and you will get much further with the ones that are available and may be looking.

    You will not pick up a girl every night so just go have a good time.

    Being drunk and grabbing the girls doesn’t work.
    Being a jerk and saying things like Nice Tits is getting you nowhere.
    Being degrading and throwing singles like the girls are beneath you will get you nothing but broke.

    Be nice, enjoy the show and tip every girl. Don’t be the cheap guy the girls will do nothing but laugh at your tiny boner.

    My 2 cents.

  10. I agree with most points of this article. I enjoy dating strippers and I enjoy flirting with them at clubs. I could care less about the lap dances. Way too much money for not much action. I will usually reluctantly do a lap dance or two, but not spend much, although I always buy the girl a drink. Some strippers like to drink a lot, and will down a few with you. Others don’t like drinking. I definitely think you are more likely to have luck with the new/younger strippers. Many do have hard luck stories, and if you do get involved with them it can be trouble for you. I learned this the hard way. I think getting their cell number is usually pretty easy. But more than half of the time, they will not respond to your text, or the communication will die out soon. It is not your fault, it is a numbers game so be persistent, look good, stay confident and act like you don’t give a Ff$%* Works most of the time with the right inexperienced girl

  11. I was so pissed off at this article, I was pounding the keyboard!

    And trust me, I’ve danced before so I know what I’m talking about. I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m sick of losers saying “you should get another job!” As if I could make $100,000 a year straight out of college! xD God, SO many people have no idea what they’re talking about! Do some research before you try to act like you know something.

  12. I should write a book on this subject I worked in stip clubs for 4 years and what I learned in there was very valuable now on women and seduction can be done the same way as a strip club the only difference is strippers have a quick way of weeding out the weak very fast …… an d who made the comment bout buying a lap dance your chances are slim to none my brother go to the next girl .

  13. Why the hell are some of you so down on strippers! Assuming they are easy / sluts etc. the only idiots in this game are the guys who go in to the clubs and blow a fortune with the thought it will get them in bed with these girls or that they actually ‘really like him’ I think strippers are pretty damn smart…managing to extract money out of gullible men. I find it hilarious.
    Not saying strip clubs are not good for guys, just go to them to have fun, know what you are paying for and respect the girls.
    Maybe I’m just different being English…? Manners and respect go a long way. Yes I have frequented many strip clubs, yes I have gone out with a couple of strippers, one I met out of a club and one I met in one. I wasn’t actually trying to conciously bed the girl in the club, we just clicked….it’s called chemistry! If you treat these girls with disrespect they are just going to take you for as much money as possible (and so they should)

    Just be courteous, considerate and polite like you would be to anyone in life if you want a good response. That way everybody has a good night….you never know what might happen after that but at least you can leave with your head held high.

    • You are absolutely right Lucas! You are one of the smart people on this page! You seem like a TRUE gentleman and not one of those slimy pigs that believe this article :)

    • Lucas is a gentleman because he is British, I live in the UK and most men are like this.

  14. Ummmm.. This guy is an idiot.. Not getting a dance means she doesn’t talk to you. Sounds like he is one of those “rooty-booters” Free drinks sitting around the bar not spending money. Definitely not a customer worth value following this mans instructions will make you that looser guy that all the strippers make fun of. Every club has their regulars that are cheap losers trying to get laid. And now-a-days if any baby stripper were to come into the bar and fall for these shenanigans she would be immediately expelled by the house girls for making us look bad. GO TO A NORMAL BAR!! Pull that shit on some drunk chick not trying to support her family you schmuck..

    • So I went to a club and got a dance for this girl. We talked after for a bit and of course in my mind we kind of hit it off. Have I already lost out because I paid for a dance. Or can I go back and still ask her out ?

    • This is sooo true, do NOT be ‘this’ guy!! We hate your kind!

  15. Josh Saunders says

    All the ‘dancers’ saying stuff like this doesn’t work and they’re just husting you are full of sh*t. I’ve bartended in several diff clubs over the years, truth is a lot of the girls DO meet their boyfriends in the club, #1 the dude already knows you’re a stripper, #2 if you’re not completely beat you’re dancing on the busiest nights and leaving at 3am, not a lot of time to meet people. 99% of strippers are sluts, picking one up really isn’t anything that great bit it’s not hard, if you act disinterested and like you’re just there with your friends, like this isn’t your thing but you’re being a good bro by hanging out that works. Don’t post your dances and don’t buy them drinks, say I don’t do that or whatever line you want. Act critical but not judgemental, strippers are sensitive about being judged so you want to ask why did you decide to get naked for money in a delicate way. Overall this article is spot on, but like any hot girls you need to be attractive

  16. The guy that wrote this is setting you up for disappointment! I am a dancer that loves her job, and always have a day job! When guys come in with that attitude it just irritates dancer because the club is specifically for entertainment! I love to dance and you want to take my night life away with meaning less conversation!! Quite a few of us are in relationships or happily married like myself (I’m 26 and he’s 31) so I think anyone reading this for you own good, you do not want to piss of a dancer!

    • Dirk Diggler says

      I would have to agree with you. This guy writing the article is a complete dork. Why would you want to go to a strip club to pick up a girl? That’s pretty stupid. Plus all the men she has been with? Sorry most strippers are whores. It’s about money. Best thing to do if you want them. Talk a lil, get a dance. Start a negotiation on the outside to see if you can bang them.

      Say you get them outside of the club his way. You still are going to end up spending money taking her out on drinks and food. Might as well set up a price to beat it in. lol

      The strip club is purely for entertainment. The women are there to make money. Yes some may “like you” but money will be apart of the game. Just depends on how much or low you will spend if they “like you” Any guy saying they bedded a stripper for free is a straight liar.

  17. scott karel says

    I have bedded many strippers. There is one good trick. Get a dance and look at their eyes the whole time. The girls aren’t use to it and it seperates u from the other losers who stare at their tits and ass with their mouths open drooling the entire time. Then they feel more at ease to talk to you and then u can run game.

  18. I worked in strip clubs n what he says is 100 % correct when I read this article I said this would be the advice I would give , never ever become a so called customer that is the kiss of death plain n simple.Lets face reality im not saying all of the women who dance think this way but all of them were looking for their prince charming in there or out on the street , ive dated them n im in good shape n worked out so they liked the way I looked so they were always flirting with me why because I wasn’t a customer n could care less about their ass when you saw them nite after nite you became immune to it I have seen girls work guys for bottles n work the cash right out of his pocket n at the end of the nite who do you think they slept with why because I was different its that simple n the prt he says don’t ogle very correct don’t drool cause when you do you’ve lost . Very good straight forward article naturally the women don’t like it but its because its spot on .

  19. Wow! This is really something! I am an avid and talented dancer. Everything said in this article certainly raises the humors, because they are ALL the things someone would EVER do wrong in a strip club! Wowee, I do not work for a dating service, and I certainly expect be tipped for my (naked body) wicked tricks. I work for tips alone. I love to entertain, but seriously, if you walk into a strip club, with no intention of paying attention to the girls, just GO TO A NORMAL BAR. It is simple, babies.

  20. Another article that suckers guys into thinking they have a chance with a stripper. If you had to google “how to pick up a stripper” you don’t have what it takes.

    Don’t go to strip clubs – absolute and total waste of money. Not once have I ever gone to a strip club and afterwards thought “I have no regrets about how I spent money tonight.”

    Just jerk off, go to a bar to pick up a girl, or go to an Asian massage parlor.

  21. Strippers are all super hot? Go to a titty bar and have those myths dispelled. These days any average woman can be a dancer, so most are pretty average-looking. And many look worse than that. And “big booty”? Not every man wants a fatass, bro.
    And ignoring a girl onstage and refusing to spend money on her won’t generate her interest. She’ll assume you’re a cheapskate and move on. I suggest declining the dance, and instead offering to compensate her for her time, and to do so immediately after she agrees to it, not at the end of her shift or whatever. This builds trust, and shows you’re not a broke loser.
    Also you need to evaluate the girls on a case by case basis. Many are vapid junkies. You want to try to find the genuine ones, and to do this you need a certain amount of character judgment.
    Sure, don’t get crazy stupid over her, but don’t be disinterested. She’ll think you’re trying too hard to be “cool.” Epic fail, man.
    So many guys think there’s a single formula to picking up strippers. But honestly, most strippers should be avoided. And so should most of the advice to pick them up.

  22. This article was pretty amusing. Most of the girls I work with would not stick around that long if you weren’t tipping or buying dances. We do not get an hourly don’t work for free, do you? “Send her off every now and again to make money..”? Once you dismiss me to “go make money”, I’m not coming back….the ugly ones probably will though. Lol good luck guys.

    • I can usually spot he ones that are out for the money and those that are actually sweethearts. While most strippers are only out for money, some are actually warm hearted affectionate women that will be interested if she makes a genuine connection. Other strippers are usually jealous of the nice ones because they often make more money than they do without being necessarily as good looking, but some I’ve met were some of the best looking girls in the club.

      • Sharkdoom325 says

        This guy is right strippers are tricky they act like they like you but just useing you for cash and men fall to easy for it XD

  23. @dizzy – I have yet to meet a dancer with a husband, at least that they would admit to. Maybe it’s a cultural thing but I couldn’t even picture most American men being okay with their wives dancing. Perhaps it has to do with where I live and the clubs I frequent, but I have met several dancers who met their boyfriends at the club. Yes they have lives outside of work, but like many of us some spend the majority of their time at work. I’ve also met lonely dancers who to me were very beautiful. Sometimes life can get in the way of having a social life.

    The only part of the article I disagree with is not buying a dance. There’s a huge difference between buying a dance or two, because it is her job, and branding ATM on your forehead. Even if you don’t buy a dance, you should tip her when she goes on stage (somewhere south of the price of a table dance if she has been sitting having a conversation with you).

    Overall great article with tons of helpful advice.

  24. hahahahaha I’m a dancer and this whole article and many of the comments are hilarious. The only dancers I have known that are “lonely” are the ugly ones that I’m not even sure how they got the job. Also most strippers do NOT meet their boyfriends in the club, and we do have other lives with real friends. We all have to pretend we’re single, but a great deal of us are actually MARRIED. Any dancer this works on is either a) ugly b) fucking insane (literally) or c) the exception not the rule. Just saying [=

  25. I have had countless telephone numbers given to me by strippers. Although i have never dated one after that. they either lie or dont ever pick up the phone or return the text. Very Frustring. One i did pick one up outside of the club where she was told she would not be working tonight and i offered her a ride, she said yes. We both mast……. in my car, we did go to the movies soon after that. I am way out of shape, but why would they give me theri number?

    • Because then you give us more money and think we actually like you and we know we never have to talk to you again. Most of the time it’ll be afar number. We can always tell you next time you drunkenly stumble in that we lost your number, changed numbers etc. and do it all again. Oh and also, this article is complete bullshit, you don’t tip me or take me for a show within 5-15 mins I’m walking away, just like every other woman in there who’s at work to make money to pay her rent and eat asshole. You can’t get to know the “real” me in that time, and also, the “real” me you do ever get to know is also another fake coz I don’t want you to know anything about my real life, coz you are a customer. Every so called “original” question you came up with I have heard countless times, you’re just another loser who thinks he knows the secret trick to pick up strippers that countless men have tried before. Best of luck to you tho.

  26. The best advice I’ve ever read regarding strippers! This should be required reading for guys who trick off their money.

  27. What if she really doesn’t have time to talk for long enough for you to build repore as she has to make money, could you pay her a bit of money (not much) to sit and talk to you. Or would this come across needy?

    • PUA Training says

      You can send her off every now and again to make some money, that is normally what I’d suggest. BUT…You could also give her some cash and ask nothing in return and do it when she doesn’t ask. It might potentially cause some problems, but yeah I can see that there might be times where it could help you get a more solid close…especially if you don’t ask for a dance in return…will set you apart.

  28. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this; having a stripper or ex-stripper as my girlfriend has always been a dream of mine. I’m gonna find the nearest strip club in town and put this to use. Thanks!

  29. My BEST line was at a club. The Stripper was sitting next to me, and the watress came up to see if we needed a refill. I kept tapping my drink, and she kept asking if I wanted another. Finally, I blurted out, “Yes, I’ll sleep with you.” and EVERYBODY cracked up, including the watress. I’m waiting to collect.

  30. I have dated a stripper and #closed/met outside the club a couple others. I agree with most of this post, especially the parts about them being lonely and meeting most of their bfs in the club. One thing I, and my buddy (3 of his ex gfs are strippers) have successfully used is to have our own “stripper names”. Girl comes over to see us in VIP, “hi I’m Chastity can I sit on your lap?” We respond with, “Hi Chastity I’m Mavrick, have you met Bad Boy?” The girls laugh and seem to feel instantly more comfortable and a bit more curious about why we are using those names (without wedding rings on).
    The voice recorder #close is a great idea and I will be implementing that as these days my GF and I are trying to pick up a stripper for a 3some.

  31. mr anonymous says

    I have recently started consistently hanging out at a local strip club where I live. I go there usually fri and Saturdays and some thursdays. In my experience the best days to talk to them are actually off days and before the club gets to busy. As for buying dances, I don’t think anyone should go to a strip club if they don’t have the intention of spending some money. Just don’t fall in love. If you buy a dance, tip well. Don’t stare at her assets the entire time and hold your composure. Dont be a creep. In a short period of time I have become friends with almost all of the staff and more then half of the dancers. I have had the girls actually give me their numbers and names several times with out asking. I think this is also cause I don’t just talk to one or two of them. I talk to all of the ones that do not look beat up or on drugs. The club I have been going to also happens to be BYOB which can be a plus. I go by myself alot and I bring a larger bottle of vodka. You will make friends fast I assure you. Good luck everyone!

    • PUA Training says

      Some good tips, thanks for chiming in.

      • Some really cool ideas. Will work in most strip clubs. This is because once your a regular costumer at a strip club, you are known and the dancers feel comfortable and safe around you. Hence they wouldn’t mind giving their numbers away. They would probably find you as a potential mate for a friend or even a boyfriend if your games right. But hey! we were talking about picking up a dancer the same night you see or meet her. Another interesting tip I learned is eye contact, humor and having more of an emotional connection with a dancer then a physical connection at that moment of interaction as it will remove you from the “costumer zone”. And you want to be that guy who sees more then just dancing in her because mostly these guys are absent in their life. Instead of trying to impress her with your wallet, impress her with your social value, your confidence and your ability to escallate with her and maybe something your good at. ;)

  32. i hate to be the one to say this but most strippers are paranoid, nuts and some are even junkies or prostitutes, ive hung around stripclubs for years and they are most interested in money. they feign interest in you just to get money. id say just avoid them

    • PUA Training says

      No one is saying to marry a stripper ;-) But they are very sexual and sexually confident. It’s a great experience that a guy should have once. But sure, you are right…except that they are not ALL about money. Some are lonely and looking for something real, and would look to other men for money. It’s even quite easy to get them to pay their share if they are making big bucks..

  33. guys, if you’re not paying for dances and you’re kinda just sitting there drinking, most girls might actually go tell the bouncers that you have no intention of paying for dancers and will tell them to come over and either warn you to start paying for some dancers or throw you out… has that ever happened? is there a way to talk your way out of it?

    • PUA Training says

      This has NEVER happend to me. It won’t if you’re buying drinks, if they do come over… just say that you don’t like any of the girls dancing and you’re waiting for a girl you like. Unless you’re in some shady strip club in a rough part of town.

    • i got kicked out for not spending money, bouncer walked me outside and goes ” heres your 10 dollars back, this is not a free show”

  34. I don’t think anyone has to posses any type of special skill to pickup a stripper. The girl approaches you herself in a club. 90% of the job is done. Another question who would want to pick up a girl who spends more time on cocks then in her sleep…

    • You got it all wrong, big papa. Strippers only approach you in a club because you look like every other mark in the place and it’s the paper in your wallet that they are interested in. Secondly, most of them arent sluts and dont sleep around near as much as you might think. They only present themselves that way because that is their major money maker. Feign disinterest and act like the group of friends you came there with are more interesting than the girl on stage and you will pique her desire to compete for your attention.

    • i certainly would

  35. Awesome tips. Gotta hit some strip clubs now.

  36. I tried this at a male strip club and it didn’t work. When I asked for the guy’s number I got the crap beat out of me and they kicked me out the club.

  37. johannes k says

    really crazy stuff man im only 18 tho but i gotta try this out thanks! big up!! do u have any guide for how to get befriend the staff/getting higher value also?

    • PUA Training says

      The only way to befriend the staff is by going there on a regular basis, outside of busy hours and just being friendly. Introduce yourself, get their names and tip them well.

  38. have picked up 3 strippers in my life but have only been to a stripjoint twice in my life, will be taken my bro to his first one next month and will try this, keep you posted on my results

  39. I just picked a stripper with a second job at a regular restaurant. She’s hot and she gave me her number, but I’m a little nervous because I’m 20 and I still have my V-card. I need some Advice on how to make the right moves. PLEASE!!!

    • PUA Training says

      Go to another strip joint and get more numbers! The more you have on the go (options) the less you will worry about impressing just the one, then when you get some experience with them it will become second nature and no matter how hot they are, you won’t be nervous or needy. Well done bro!

      • That’s the two step! Just don’t wait too long bro, Cocktail waitresses are game to, same game, diferent venue

        • I dated a stripper for 2 years and used to go in there and talk to the others while she worked. Some of those girls have sugar daddy’s and they will actually get another cell phone from him and use that to talk to him and gives that number to men in the club(even though she won’t answer)..the stripper who said this approach that this guy wrote about doesn’t work is lying. Sure, it may not on all of them (especially the hot ones with high confidence) but there are so many of them, it’s bound to work on a few. And it only takes one…

          • um…ok babies, I am a stripper. My advice is, do not try and pck us up at work because no matter how sweet we are in real life, at work we are in hustle mode. We want money, We get ni hourly. We have a short window of years to do what we do and we HAVE to take it seriously when there. Bills and life are serious…especially with the economy the way it is. Many of us have degrees that are useless and HUGE school debt.

            This article will get you guys no where. I am sorry. It is just false and silly.

            You want a girlfriend? Don’t go to a striop club. You wanna have some fun that is just fun? Go to a strip club. That simple.

            I see lots of beautiful women out at regular clubs, bars coffee shops. Try and take them home.

          • As someone who worked as a stripper for a few years (until that “window” of time ran out) I can verify that Shay speaks the truth. Listen to her!

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