Surefire Kino Escalation Tips: 6 Types Of Kino Touching That Will Turn Women On Super Fast

Kino escalation seems to be a HUGE sticking point for guys.

I mean men seriously don’t know how to touch women, without coming across as creepy and weird.

But once you understand how to touch a woman, you will be able to spark attraction, build ridiculous levels of sexual tension and basically have her ready to come back to your place.

I’ve gotten REALLY good over the years and I’m actually at the point where I can take any interaction with a girl and turn it sexual within minutes, all by touching her in the right way.

Plus I do this without them knowing what I’m doing, because it’s… well… stealth I guess.

Today I want to show you the best types of kino touching that I use all the time.

Do me a favour, once you’re down watching and reading. Go out and actually practice these kino escalation techniques and you’ll see first hand what happens.

Before I forget: There are also things you can say and do that will further the attraction she has for you. For example, I’ll show you how to arouse a girl while hugging her. It’s super stealth, but works amazingly well.

6 surefire types of kino escalation touches

I’m going to break this down into six areas of touching. Ranging from unambiguous to very sexual, just so you’re clear on what touches women respond to the most.

Kino escalation

Take note and practice.

Touches acceptable with a friend

When you’re with a guy friend in a bar having a chat, you tend to touch him in a certain way. It’s a manly, matey non sexual way (obviously).

Now if you think about it, where do you usually touch him during conversation?

The 3 main areas I’ve noticed are:

  • The shoulder (patting and firmly resting)
  • The arm (patting or punching)
  • The belly (usually a poke or tap)

These are all touches you don’t want to use with a woman you’re attracted to, because it will subconsciously communicate that you’re not interested.

Touches that are more sexual

Let’s say you’re in a conversation with a girl and you want to introduce kino touching, so that she knows you’re not another guy she can just dump in the friend zone.

This is what you do: Have a reason to touch her. Simply bring up a topic about her appearance that will allow you to initiate touch.

  • I like your dress – Give her a compliment on her dress and touch it, saying something like “It’s nice material”. But you’re obviously touching her body at the same time.
  • I like your earrings – Another compliment can be her earrings. By touching her earrings, you’re near her face and neck which are quite intimate areas.

Touches that you would never do with a man

Now you’ve introduced kino touching and she knows you’re not just another guy, you want to push even more by throwing in some touches that are designed to show her that you’re interested in some way.

Why does this communicate that you’re interested? Simple. Because you’d never do these on a guy.

  • Hands touching back to back – When you’re standing next to her talking, stand closely by her side (a less threatening approach) and lightly touch the back of her hand with your hand.
  • Back of the hand on her legs and hips – Take it one step further and graze her legs (whilst sitting down) and hips with the back of your hand.
  • The small of the back – Whenever you’re leading her, touch the lower part of her back, this is a very safe and secure area that women like men touching, which shows dominance and authority.

Humorous touches

I like to incorporate humour into my kino escalation, because it’s a great way to get them laughing which as you know helps massively with attraction.

Here are some ways you can use touch and comedy:

  • Draw out a map on her leg (she’ll find it funny when she knows what you’re doing)
  • Stroke her, saying you like the material of her dress (playfully, not sleazy)
  • Warm her up by saying “are you cold” when you’re in a hot place
  • Say you’re so cute (make the kissing sound, mwah mwah mwah when kissing her on the head)

REMEMBER: Do all of those with a cheeky smile on your face.

Touches right before the kiss

Ok, things are really heating up now and we are heading for the kiss close. By this point she will be familiar with us touching her, comfortable and very relaxed… hopefully enjoying the interaction.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Hands through the hair – Run your fingers through her hair, whilst looking into her eyes.
  • Touching the face – Then gently place your hands on her face in one movement, after touching her hair.
  • Talking whilst holding her hands – Standing closely, take both her hands and hold them. You can even stroke the back of her hands with your thumbs, which shows affection.

Tender touching

Boom! Now we’re cooking! Let’s say you’ve kissed her (or maybe you haven’t yet) you want to continue the kino escalation so that you can lead that to sex later on.

The next type of kino touching is something called tender touching, which shows her that she’s your woman.

  • With your arms around the girl, touch her back and neck lightly (communicates that you like her). You can stroke with just the one finger, whilst talking to other people and no one else will notice.

Reading her signals (tests)

Cool, so you now know what types of touching you should be doing. Another skill you have to develop is the awareness of whether she likes you or not.

There are several tests you can do to see if she’s into you or not:

  • Relax your grip when holding her hand – If she let’s go, she’s not interested… but if she holds tight then she is
  • If she removes her hand or moves her body to signal the removal of your hand she’s not interested
  • If she’s cool with you touching her at every point, then it’s game on. The key is to keep pushing forward with the touching to see when she says no. Some girls won’t.

So that’s it! Everything you need to know about kino escalation dude. Now take this knowledge and start practicing as much as you possibly can.

Don’t forget, you need to know how to please her in the bedroom too. Follow this video and you’ll be just fine.

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  1. Great guidelines, Richard! I would add the use of pheromones that are designed to attract women. With few exceptions, I shy away from the “generic” ones on Amazon and eBay and stick with the ones discussed on pheromone boards.

    For those who aren’t familiar with them, they work soooo much better than the best colognes. And they’re tailor made for different environments, age groups, and races. They come with or without scents, alcohol and oil based. But they require lots of experimentation which also leads to acquiring quite a collection. Lol But a guy on the hunt for a date or a hookup or for even making his significant other more affectionate can achieve outstanding success. Ask me how I know. Lol

  2. Hey Richard, another great video. I love the way you deliver this stuff, natural, accessible, no pretensions. Just reckon maybe a good idea to introduce the girls!

  3. i have a girl that wants to go out and she wants me to teach her to shoot pool. so needless to say my hands will be all over her as i teach. will it matter how far i take it if she reciprocates all the touches?

    • Not necessarily, Chris. It more or less depends if she’s a ‘wannabe’ or a ‘would-be’ f*** buddy (or even GF). I think if she’s willing to learn how to play pool and so she “needs” a teacher, she’ll not think about the touches at all (you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re just… teaching, right?). You may even play a bit ‘naughty’ as this case (if you dare and have the guts to) just to see how she reacts (aggressively, funny, neutral, etc) and, from there, you can escalate further more accordingly – even better if you can isolate her ;)

  4. Great stuff Richard and really well explained. But the “I’m not being sexual honest” stance can be risky. And any kino escalation seems to need smooth non-kino escalation to go anywhere. I’ve had cases where the kind of kino and ambiguity you describe has caused discomfort, or I’ve got “accused” of being sexual, or – worst of all – ended up with a big fat LJBF.
    How to you get and keep the right vibe to avoid falling on your arse with this stuff?

  5. Great video,
    I have noticed how these “kinos” work before, but I always only know how to do them during conversations, never when thinking how I managed to do something..
    By the way, could you tell me the name of the song you used in the intro and outro? Love it.

  6. great video, hot girls, thanks. really useful.

  7. the lessons like…perfect thanks

  8. Very interesting and useful stuff, Richard. Fortunately I was already aware of most of the places to touch because I had the change to find them while practicing and also intuitively. The only one I didn’t know was the “back-to-back hand”. Again, thanks for the great video and the explanation as well :)

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