The 7 Secrets To Attracting Beautiful Women That “Seem” Unattainable

She's hot right? Well you can have her if you want.

She’s hot right? Well you can have her if you want.

Have you ever walked down the street minding your own business, just on your lunch break from work and all of a sudden noticed a stunningly beautiful woman walk right past you.

As she does you just see every man looking at her… guys in their cars honking and other women just looking at her with pure jealousy?

The same applies to clubs, there’s always a ridiculously hot girl that is on the top VIP table with the rich guys just having an amazing time because her drinks and evening is all paid for.

But let me ask you another question.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pickup these kind of chicks?

I mean actually have the balls to approach her, chat her up, make her laugh and then close with a kiss… number or even taking her home.

For most guys, this would be a fantasy… they wouldn’t even be able to comprehend approaching a perfect 9 or 10. It’s just out of their reality.

Well lucky for you, today I’m going to show you exactly how to attract beautiful women, a perfect 9 or 10 and get her hooked within minutes. Just like I have done in the past and continue to do, whenever I want.

These aren’t some simple dating tips that you will use and then get immediately shot down or laughed at.

These are my closely guarded secrets for attracting the best type of woman you can find… the supermodels, athletes, ring girls and yep even dancers and sometimes celebrities.

WARNING: I do have to warn you though, in order to get these types of women you NEED to be on top of your game. Especially if she’s a bitch.

I’m talking unshakeable confidence, rock solid beliefs and banter that just flows.

Remember, these girls have everything handed to them on a plate… they never pay for drinks or have to worry about much at all, because they’ve got guys queuing up to take them out and buy them things.

So if you’re still scared about approaching average girls and closing them, you should stop reading now, you’re obviously not ready.

Right then, for those of you still with me… I’m about to show you how to be a seducer and get laid like crazy, here are my top 7 secrets to attracting beautiful women (9’s and 10’s).

1. Start going to high end venues

You need to get into the mindset of “high value” women and understand where they hang out, what kind of people they socialise with, so you can tap into that.

Why you need to frequent high end venues:

  • Tougher to get in – Think of venues where there are rich guys, exclusive areas where you need to pay or know someone to get in. The harder it is to get in and the more exclusive the venue, the higher quality of women you will find in there. I promise you.
  • Normal bars and clubs don’t have supermodels – The type of women we want (9’s and 10’s) don’t go to the normal mediocre clubs and bars, not because they are gold diggers but because they will stand out like a sore thumb. They will get hounded by hundreds of guys all night long, who are drunk and just trying their luck.

So to recap, get yourself in with the high end venues and there will be endless amounts of beautiful women there. Also a side note would be to make sure you dress for the occasion, learn how to dress like a high value male without actually spending a ton of cash.

2. Approach women in the daytime as well

One of the tricks to get laid and meet beautiful women is to go out in the day and visit some areas that are known to have girls shopping, eating out and socialising.

Why you must approach women in the day:

  • There are more hot women around – Hot women shop, they eat, they drink in the day with their friends and so you need to use this to your advantage. There are some stunning women that don’t go to bars or clubs at all, because they don’t like them. You wouldn’t meet these girls, if you didn’t approach in the day.
  • It’s easier to talk to them, no networking or calculation – It’s SOOOO easy to talk to girls in the day. There isn’t a guest list to pass, no VIP table to get on, just walk up to them and open.
  • Can go on an instant date – If you get along with her, you can seal the deal by taking her on an instant date either to a bar and then a club or maybe just for a coffee.
  • Find the hot spots – There are areas in every major city that are known for hot women hanging around. You have to visit these places.
  • Set up social circle by inviting girls to the club that night – If you’re smart, you should approach girls in the street before going to a club so that you rock up with a good looking crowd of girls… not only will you get straight in, but you’re social value will shoot through the roof (more on that later).

3. Take on new behaviour patterns

If you don’t learn new patterns of behaviour, you will never try anything new… this will lead to no new experiences or hotter women in your life.

How to change your behaviour patterns:

  • Try new things – Come on this is so obvious! You have to try new things, like going to high end venues, mingling with rich guys and stepping outside your normal way of behaving in social situations.
  • Push boundaries, feel more fear – When you feel fearful, it means you’re doing something you’re unsure of. But it WILL help you grow as a person and boost your confidence. So always keep pushing boundaries and feeling scared, until you don’t feel scared anymore.

4. Approach and hook properly

Approaching hot women and hooking them is crucial to the interaction. They are going to get a lot of attention from men, so you need to make sure that you stand out and make an impression.

How to hook her:

  • Approach her as if you already know her – A recent psychological study showed that if someone approaches you as if they know you, you immediately feel warm towards them and drop any guard you may have had. This works with beautiful women too.
  • How would I approach a good friend of mine – Before you go over to a girl, think to yourself “How would I approach this girl if she was a friend that I hadn’t seen in years”. Sounds strange but I can honestly say this was the BIGGEST game changer for me and helped me approach 2 to 3 girls a night with great success as opposed to 10 girls with no or limited success.
  • Change the approaching mindset – Always remember to change your mindset and adapt. If your approach didn’t work 5 times in a row, change it up and try something new until it does work.

5. Engineer social value

In high end clubs, you need to engineer your social value so that it looks like you’re a high value male. This will then enable you to attract some of the most beautiful women in the club, every single time.

How to become a high status male:

  • Befriend a promoter (free drinks, entry and social proof) – One of the first guys you should get to know is the promoter. He or she are great to learn from and understand how the club game works. Basically once you have a group of beautiful women with you, you can get free entry, free drinks all night and sometimes get paid.
  • Get in with the managers – Once you’ve become chummy with the promoter, ask them to introduce you to the manager and other influential people in the club, this will shoot your social value through the roof.
  • Always hang around beautiful girls – Once you roll into the club with a few stunners, you’ll naturally attract other girls, they will be curious as to why you’re so popular with attractive women, thus making it dead easy to talk to other women.
  • Bring other girls into your circle – As the night goes on, bring other hot girls onto your table and offer them drinks, introduce them to your friends and just enjoy yourself.

6. The key to conversation

Conversation is an essential part of building rapport, attraction and escalating sexually. The better you become as a conversationalist, the more women will be attracted to you.

How to become a better conversationalist:

  • Have more fun than the girl, amuse yourself – Always try and amuse yourself rather than pander to the girls needs. It makes you look relaxed and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Make a joke out of boring questions – If a boring question arises like “Do you come here a lot” brush it off with a joke like “Yeah, but only for the free mints in the restroom”.
  • Become more unpredictable (keep her hooked) – Forget logic in a conversation, take her on a journey and mix things up by throwing in random topics of conversation and taking her around the club.
  • Always lead, never let her lead the interaction – Lead her both physically and mentally. Women want to be lead, even if they say they don’t, it’s part of their evolutionary wiring. The moment she asks you more questions than she should, turn it on it’s head and fire one back so you’re in control.

7. Escalating from club/bar to the bedroom

Ok, so now the important part… taking her back home. This part should actually come naturally and shouldn’t feel like a big hurdle which is what most guys view it as.

How to escalate properly:

  • Women want you to escalate (secure, confident man, killing attraction) – Remember that women like a confident man and they want to have sex, they’re just waiting for the right guy to make them feel attraction.
  • Keep dialing up the sexual tension (small calculated risks) – Don’t act like an on/off switch when it comes to sexual tension. You must keep dialing it up throughout the evening, take small but very calculated risks with her to see her reactions. If they are positive (meaning she doesn’t push you away) then keep going.
  • Start escalating the moment you meet her – As soon as you introduce yourself, you should move into touching her, escalating and building attraction with her. You have about 30 seconds in which to make a decent first impression.

So there you go. Everything I do to attract the most beautiful women. Listen though, It does take practice, but it can definitely be achieved. Who knows, you might even end up with a model!

Oh by the way, if you’re deadly serious about attracting the best kind of woman, I strongly suggest you check this out.

Have you been out with a 9 or 10 before?

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  1. cliff browne says

    I find that women are more attracted to guys who are happy being themselves. Oftentimes guys feel they have to be Donald Trump financially or Channing Tatum physically to turn heads. The most unassuming guy can be the most attractive to women. If a guy tries to dazzle them in a way that seems so phony that is an absolute turn-off. In other words, women can smell a phony guy like bullshit in a fog in Seattle. Vice-versa .The door swings both ways.
    Perhaps, the best advice I can give is don’t just focus on looks alone. That’s why some guys lose so bad. Perhaps that’s why Jabba the Hut might be scoring and others aren’t. It’s called being desperate that’s where the phoniness
    sets in.

  2. Very nice article. But what about body languauge. I read many books and from experience know that first impression is very important. So body language should be a part of secrets of attracting beautiful women.

  3. ez_attraction says

    Good article. I especially like the tip about escalating. It really is an area that some guys struggle with but it is important if you are to attract hot women.

  4. kamoko josue says

    that’s really nice,but there are some girls who are just not kind at all, its maybe that you are serious and deeply in love with her but she’ll still think that you want to use her then later on you dump her while somebody is diying to have her as the only love…..why do girls do that?that’s pathetic really.

  5. “I would like to point out that there is no way Liz is a 9 or anything close to a 10” – I think you should dial down the negging a bit.
    I look for women who can make me laugh and who have *mental* stamina – a staggering amount of 8 and upwards have the “decorative” part down pat but lack brains. The clue to that is their eyes, and the conversation. If you’re just looking for the standard PUA “bedware”, OK, fine. If you’re looking for someone you want to see again, invest more time. You may even fall in love.

    Incidentally, another interesting skill to pick up is micro expressions. Companies like Humintell do online training. Worth a look.

  6. Hey Rich!

    My name is Jasper, I am just starting off with the game. I recently bought your book: “The Natural” and it is truly amazing. I just wanted to thank you for showing me a new vision on women because since 8th grade I have been wanting a girlfriend. BADLY. I have been keeping a small journal since my freshman year in high school, recording at least all the beautiful women I meet, how they interacted with me, what I should work on, my pros and cons. With the help of your book, my success with women has doubled. I cannot help but smile every time I apply some of your techniques, from simple eye contact tips and things to pull out within a certain situation in the conversation. Thank you very much.

  7. If you want to get tens a bank is a great place to aquire them…

  8. Liz is right, and PUA has a point, but its too harsh, and I get it…but when the managers, and promoters were hitting on me, it was worse than the drooling players, and mostly grossed me out or embarrassed me due to their making it just as obvious, that the hot girls do get special treatment which BTW can be tough at times. No one talks about how that affects our self esteme knowing we’re valued only for our 10 good looks, generally speaking. My husbands kindness and overall personality trumped his below average looks and still to this day, his family and friends still question “how a girl like me saw anything in a guy like him” as if he’s valued for his looks in the other direction. It’s draining, and sad the older (my husband says hotter) I get, I’m still Judged a valuable 10. So, if your a good guy, approach hot girls like you did at the age of TEN! And I promise, you’ll get a 10 just by allowing her to be herself and get to know her as a friend cause at the end of the day, thats what you want anyway. I’m my husbands best friend, and all his friends wish they had a wife like me, so I hear and see and I’m told… but you know what? its just as hard, if not harder, for the hotties sometimes due to being “typecast” a perfect 10, finding a nice average guy who gets that, to snuggle up to? A priceless keeper!

    • Great post, but obviously there are exceptions. I would like to point out that there is no way Liz is a 9 or anything close to a 10. May she show us her picture…It’s people like Liz who have a low self esteem and use the internet to gain more confidence. To the PUA, women or potential partners are found everywhere any time. The same girl you hit on at the grocery store is the one who was getting it down and wilding it up at the club.

    • Wow, Ms. Diana! What a wonderful essay! I have NEVER approached a woman in my life and do not ever expect to, but I suspect that the women who CLAIM that men only buzz around them for their
      “perfect 10 looks”, are the same women who belittle, ignore and discount the very “nice guys” who would be great lovers, supportive companions and lifelong best friends.I will make that bet with you ANYTIME!)

  9. I am considered one of those 9 or 10 women. I can tell you from personal experience and from having several very hot girlfriends that your ideas only attract the trashy hot girls. The rest of us are looking for the men who respect us and know how to treat us special. I have been married to an average looking guy, who is not rich, for over a decade. I am constantly being pursued by men, but none of them measure up to my special guy. I am his queen and that’s all I ever wanted. I pursued my husband, specifically because of his personality. Several of my very attractive girlfriends did the same exact thing and we are all very happily married. Nice guys will get the nice 9’s and 10’s, just by being themselves.

    • PUA Training says

      Thanks for the comment Liz. You’re almost right… you found Mr. right who is a “nice” guy more than likely after you had your way with the badboys I’m guessing. You’re also right that the clubs will only attract the hot trashy girls, which is what the post is about… pulling extremely hot women in the clubs and bars. If you’re as hot as you say you are and you’re a nice girl, then there wouldn’t be any reason for you to go to a club because you’ll be hit on countless times throughout the night and won’t find the nice guy you wanted approaching you, it’ll be the manager, promoter, dick etc.

    • @liz: First of all, you haven’t seen the rest of the program like I have. I’m 100% you’ve only looked at this post. And in any case, from what you’ve descibed, you’ve been hit on by a whole bunch of drunks with 0 game. You should be happy. This business teaches guys how to standout from them. And what you said about 9s and 10s liking guys that treat them special? NO. I bet if you were single and a guy you just meet just told you, “I know I just met you, but I’m in love with you.” You’d be freaked out.

    • Here’s the thing about looking at things at a woman’s POV, it’s hard to take things at face value because the girls may not know themselves how they may get attracted to a guy.

      Don’t mean to be harsh but that’s the truth: Attraction isn’t a choice and it isn’t black and white.

      What this does show is that deep rapport is important, which is what you need to get that girl you want, get the deep emotional rapport with a girl that can lead to dating, relationship, marriage etc.

      In clubs, I can tell you from experience that there are only maybe 1 or 2 guys for the most part that know what they’re doing when it comes to picking up girls. The rest, well, they don’t know what they’re doing.

      And if you do know what you’re doing…well, appraoch ;)

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