Top 10 Anal OnlyFans Girls Of 2023

Now, if you’re like us and you love anal, then you’ll probably be wanting to hunt down the best girls on OnlyFans that do anal. There are a lot of them. Thousands of them, in fact. We only want you to see the best. That’s why we’ve together this list of the top 10 anal OnlyFans girls of 2023. 


There are some questions in life we’ll never know the answer to. We’ve pondered it a lot, and we will never understand the reasons why we love anal so much. All we know is that we love it, as do millions and millions of others around the world. We suppose it is a much more ‘forbidden’ experience than vaginal sex and, for many, a much more intimate way of having a shag. After all, you only really have anal with people that you love and care about.

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We once heard somebody say “anal isn’t right because that isn’t what God intended”. Well, take that up with Mamanita, known better as Nita Marie. She got her start on OnlyFans because she claimed that she was having threesomes with God, and if God was willing to pound her tight asshole, then we reckon he’s A-OK with anal. She’s moved away from the God fucking experience a little bit now, though.

Nita Marie is a MILF slut. Like, a proper slut. Even when she was pregnant, she couldn’t steer clear of OnlyFans, and she has some of the best preggo sex videos on the site. Yes. She even does anal when she is pregnant. We suppose that’s the best time to do it, really.

You’re going to be watching way more than NIta Marie get pounded in the ass, though. Oh yes. You see, this is a woman that absolutely loves to peg. She has plenty of pegging videos on her profile, so if you want to watch her fuck some sexy women in their tush during one of the hottest lesbo threesomes you’ve ever seen, then Nita Marie might be right up your street.

Top Features:

  • Likes: 1.73 million+
  • Videos: 30+
  • Photos: 8,400+
  • Preggo sex
  • Anal


Do you know what we think? Anal is so much better when you’re looking at a nice, thicc booty. Seriously, it looks amazing. Almost hypnotic when you watch that thicc ass bounce around as they’re being knobbed by one of the biggest dicks imaginable. That’s exactly what you get with Colombian Goddess SheylaJ.’

This dark-skinned beauty may have a new OnlyFans profile, but she’s already turning heads. People love her nice, thicc ass and tits, and they’ve been going crazy for her. We suppose the fact that she is incredibly sloppy and very, very filthy really helps. It is certainly why we’ve added SheylaJ to our list of the top 10 anal OnlyFans girls of 2023.

Oh, if the anal wasn’t enough, SheylaJ has really started to lean into the whole foot fetish thing, and she is a squirter. Yeah. We bet you’re sold on her now! 

Top Features

  • Likes: 25,000
  • Photos: 800+
  • Videos: 320+
  • New account


This thicc mamma has featured on several of our top OnlyFans profiles lists, but it does seem a bit unfair to her. Not because people shouldn’t know about her. They should. Oh, how they should. It is more that she’s trying to keep her OnlyFans slut-fest secret from her husband. But, come on. If you’re going to be this hot and do this much naughty stuff, people are going to talk about ya. She really is one of the top 10 anal OnlyFans girls of 2023.

This stay-at-home mom likes it in every hole. Sure, you’re there for the anal, but you probably aren’t going to click away from a video where she dabbles in a bit of DP, right? No. Of course you’re not. You’re going to get harder (or wetter, for the women reading this), and try and see it through to the end. You probably won’t, though. Lily’s content is so filthy you’ll probably cum twice before that video wraps up.

Lily posts to her profile almost daily, mostly photos, but every so often she releases one of the hottest anal fuck videos you’re likely to see in your life. You need to be checking her out. 

Top Features

  • Likes: 480,000
  • Photos: 5,000
  • Videos: 127+
  • MILF
  • Anal


The first time we discovered Letizia Fulkers, it was on Twitter. She had a post of her almost popping out her top, accompanied by the words ‘would you lick me out?’. Yes. Yes Letizia, we really would. We’ve been thinking about it almost every single day since we saw that Twitter post, and after seeing your OnlyFans anal sex scenes, it’s something we’ll probably think about for the rest of our lives.

Letizia has whopping great natural tits. Honestly, she can’t wear a crop top. She’ll just pop right on out! She rides cock like a pro too. One of her best videos involves her climbing onto a throbbing cock, sliding it deep into her ass, and getting fucked. We’re getting hard just thinking about it. There’s just something about her wide hips, thicc booty, and big honkers that gets us going every time.

Sign up for her OnlyFans today, and you’ll have instant access to pure, uncensored, filth. 

Top Features:

  • Likes: 85,000+
  • Photos: 2,000+
  • Videos: 20+
  • Anal
  • Natural tits


We’re at the halfway point now, and since you’ve stuck with us this long, we figured you deserved a little bit of a treat. So, how about some free anal scenes from Skye? Well, sort of her. Her OnlyFans profile is free to subscribe to, and you do get some great content there.

Looking at this blonde beauty, you can tell Skye probably isn’t happy unless she’s got a throbbing cock or two buried deep inside her. It’s probably why she started her OnlyFans, it gives her more of an opportunity to get fucked (and get paid for it at the same time).

As we said, her account is free. You’ll get some great nudes without spending a dime, and you’ll even get some censored GIFs of her being fucked in the behind (a challenging wank, but you’ll manage). 

If you’re willing to splash the cash (and you really should), then you’ll be treated to some of the kinkiest and filthiest amateur anal videos ever devised. It seems as if Skye was recording her sex sessions long before she even landed on OnlyFans, so she always has plenty of gems in her back catalog. 

Expect to see Skye dressed up in all sorts of slutty outfits (including cheerleader costumes) as her ass takes a good, hard pounding. Nice!

Top Features

  • Likes: 100,000+
  • Photos: 1,400+
  • Videos: 1,100+
  • Free


Do you know what we said earlier about how the best anal involves thicc booties? Well, scratch that, because we want to introduce you to Livvalittle, who calls herself ‘The Girl Next Door’. This fitness fanatic has one of the perkiest butts we’ve ever seen, and she takes cock deep into it like a real champ.

This spicy, blonde sex machine uploads daily content, and a good chunk of it will feature her being raw-dogged either by a bloke or, better yet, by one of her many, many sex toys. Liv is a woman that aims to please, and when she fucks herself using one of the thickest dildos you’ve ever seen, we guarantee that she’ll please you.

If that wasn’t enough, she’s one of the top 0.01% of OnlyFans content creators. Not a surprise, really. Especially if you love your anal. You’ll never get enough of her amazingly toned ass, or those washboard abs. 

Top Features:

  • Likes: 2,000,000+
  • Photos: 3,000+
  • Videos: 800+
  • Anal
  • B/G


Chelsealynn295 is the sluttiest 18-year-old woman on OnlyFans. No word of a lie. She may have the face of an angel, but somebody best call an exorcist because she clearly has the devil living inside her.

This fuck machine craves the cock, specifically buried in one of the tightest assholes we’ve ever seen (don’t worry, she has no issues cramming even the thickest of dicks in there). Watch her bent over, being railed from behind and you’ll swear you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Don’t look at that ass for too long, though. While Chelsea’s anal skills are fantastic, she also has an amazing natural rack, you don’t want to miss those tits bouncing around as she’s being boned in her forbidden hole.

She uploads new videos every week, but she also has a treasure trove of back catalog content to explore if you register today.

Top Features

  • Likes: 560,000+
  • Photos: 700+
  • Videos: 190+
  • 18-years-old


Bryce is one of the top women on OnlyFans (over 11.2 million likes!), so if you’ve heard of her, you probably aren’t shocked we decided to include her on this list of the top 10 anal OnlyFans girls of 2023. You don’t get that many likes on the most sexual website around if you’re too vanilla!

Bryce Adams is famed for her trim, gym body. She even has a couple of videos on her OnlyFans profile where she chats about her work in the gym. But, come on, let’s be honest. You aren’t there for a fitness lecture. You don’t want those gym workouts, you want those bedroom workouts. This horny MILF is more than happy to oblige.

We think Bryce Adams is popular not just because of her toned body, but because she’s never half-assed when it comes to her content. She only fucks people she genuinely wants to be boned by (her husband and her female best friends), and it makes even the naughtiest anal scene seem erotic. You can tell Bryce enjoys it. We can’t shake those moans from our minds! 

Top Features:

  • Likes: 11.2 million
  • Photos: 2,000+
  • Videos: 150+
  • 100% real videos


We’re coming rapidly to the end of our list of the top 10 anal OnlyFans girls of 2023, and we figured that you deserved another treat. This treat is gift-wrapped, and her name is Lillie! She has a free OnlyFans account where you can enjoy full-blown nudes and, if you’re willing to splash the cash, hardcore anal scenes.

She’s not getting dicked by men too much. She’s only just started to upload full sex videos where she’s getting a good railing. She’s more of a solo pleaser, and we love it. This girl is loud. One of the loudest women you’ll find on OnlyFans, and she loves shoving her toys into every one of her tight holes. If you love a good screaming orgasm, hop on over to her page now.

Top Features:

  • Likes: 450,000
  • Photos: 4,000
  •  Videos: 3,000
  • Free


A few years ago, somebody told Peyton Kinsly that she had the best ass in the world. From that moment on, she decided that she needed to share that ass with the world, so she made an OnlyFans. God damn, we love whoever complimented her ass all those years back, because we’re now looking at one of the top 10 anal OnlyFans girls of 2023.

Peyton is an amateur fitness model, and she has one of the most perfect bodies we’ve ever seen. Silky smooth skin, a bald pussy, perky tits, and incredibly toned butt cheeks. Whether she’s naked, or wrapped up in some of the thickest clothing ever, you can’t help but think ‘she’s the most beautiful woman in the world’.

Because Peyton started her OnlyFans because of all those butt compliments, she goes in hard on anal stuff. Think butt sex, anal bate, ass-crushing fetish, facesitting, twerking, and more. Basically, if you love your asses, then Peyton’s your girl. 

Top Features:

  • Likes: Almost 6,000,000
  • Photos: 5,000+
  • Videos: 450+
  • Amateur model


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of OnlyFans girls that do anal. You could spend a ton of cash going through all these accounts (and you’ll be wasting a lot of money), or you could be checking out any one of the top 10 anal OnlyFans girls of 2023 that we featured on this list. Every one of them is great, and no matter what you’re after, we reckon you’ll find somebody that’s perfect for you. Get your dick and tissues ready, because you’re about to be horny as hell.


Who is the best anal OnlyFans girl in 2023?

Mamanita has one of the best asses on OnlyFans. She is also one of the most experimental when it comes to anal sex.

Are there free anal OnlyFans videos?

No. It is against the rules of OnlyFans to offer free sex videos. You’ll need to subscribe to a paid account (or buy a PPV from a free account) for anal fun.

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