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OnlyFans is one of the most popular websites for adults who enjoy following and interacting with their favorite models or celebrities. It has become a platform for many celebrities to market themselves and sell access to their content. Top 10 OnlyFans Accounts for Men are listed here, we take a look at some of the most popular accounts belonging to male influencers, adult entertainers, and athletes. With topics ranging from fitness and lifestyle to adult content, these top accounts will give you an insight into the world of men from different backgrounds and experiences. So stylize your page and get ready for a fun ride!

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Gunnar Stone

Gunnar Stone is undeniably one of the most popular male onlyfans accounts. Gunnar is a male actor and model who regularly posts exclusive content that is both risqué and entertaining. His content covers a range of topics like solo and gay male videos, as well as jerk-off instruction tasks and live shows. He has been in the industry for a few years and is one of the most sought-after performers for his original and unique content.

Gunnar Stone is known for his enthusiastic and zestful attitude, which is immediately noticeable in all of his work. His sexy selfies, explicit videos, and seductive live shows have made him a fan favorite among gay and bisexual men across the world. He is open to all ideas, often showcasing a range of different sexualities and preferences. He is always open to hearing the ideas of his fans and encourages them to engage in his content.

Gunnar Stone's popularity also comes from his attractive and beefy body, which is often on display in his videos. His toned muscles, tattoos, and piercing eyes make him an incredibly attractive figure. He is definitely one of the TOP 10 ONLYFANS ACCOUNTS FOR MEN due to his features and the notability of his content. With such a broad audience, it’s easy to see why Gunnar Stone has become one of the most successful male onlyfans accounts. His passion and uniqueness are what keeps him on top, and for that, he deserves to be in the Top 10.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • 307 Videos
  • 618 Photos

Dan Benson

First off, Dan has a great physique that he isn’t afraid to show off. His bulging muscles and toned body make viewers swoon and crave more. He has a wonderful array of face pictures, showing off different looks that drive women wild. And that’s before we even touch upon the x-rated content of his videos!

From shower scenes to topless selfies, Dan enjoys creating art with his own body. He also takes requests from fans on what they want to watch and makes sure to make them happen. With such excellent video selection that range from teasing and tantalizing to downright filthy, no wonder his fanbase is so strong!

Not only that, but Dan is a major advocate for body positivity. He loves to embrace all body types and is very vocal about this. This certainly adds to the allure of his videos; when people are able to relate to the man and feel like they are being respected by him, his videos become even hotter.

amazing content.

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Top Features

  • 23 Streams
  • 980 Videos
  • 1.0K Photos

Steve Rickz

If you’re looking for a unique and fresh OnlyFans experience—look no further than Steve Rickz. This unique account is one of the TOP 10 OnlyFans accounts for men, and it’s easy to see why. Steve Rickz is an inimitable bisexual influence whose content is entertaining, fun and sexy.

Though the content is heterosexual and bisexual, the emphasis is on making it as beautiful as possible. Steve Rickz is always stylish and on-point with his looks. His content often shows off his incredible physique, dazzling his fans with his attractive demeanor.

There’s something thrilling about seeing his moves and his lingerie as he does some fierce choreography. His amazing body definitely adds to the visual pleasure, and often times his posts are so aesthetically pleasing they could almost double as art.

Not only is Steve Rickz perfect for lovers of the magnetic and passionate energy of the queer lifestyle, but he’s also suitable for straight couples. The posts are sometimes risqué, and at other times, more innocent. Steve’s irresistible mix of bisexual energy is something to be admired.

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Top Features

  • 1K Videos
  • 2.4K Photos

Chris Salvatore

Chris Salvatore is one of the top 10 OnlyFans accounts for men due to his bisexual x-rated content. OnlyFans is an online platform that offers subscription-based access to exclusive videos, photos, and other content. Salvatore has used this platform to create a platform for himself to showcase his bisexual x-rated content, and it has earned him a great following.

Salvatore creates and posts content that pushes boundaries and celebrates intimacy. He is an advocate for human connection and believes that everyone should be able to enjoy their sexuality without judgment or shame. His posts range from solo x-rated content to threesomes and more. He is unapologetic, real, and embraces all types of sexuality.

Salvatore also engages with his followers in his posts. He encourages them to comment and discuss topics, giving them a platform to be vocal and share their thoughts. This has enabled his followers to get to know him better, and it also allows them to experience a more two-way relationship.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • 21 Streams
  • 68 Videos
  • 518 Photos

Jakub Stefano

Jakub Estefano is quickly becoming one of the top ten OnlyFans accounts for men. Its popularity is due to his bisexual x-rated content. Not only does Jakub Estefano bring erotic enthusiasm to his followers, his content also features a number of educational aspects.

Jakub Estefano is an open-minded professional social media influencer that offers his followers exclusive content from experiences he has had with an array of different individuals and couples. The versatile content including the bisexual x-rated content helps to provide a safe, welcoming space for all viewers.

The content Jakub Estefano provides speaks to a variety of different demographic. From sex education to tips on understanding anatomy, his content does not shy away from meaningful discussions surrounding consent, communication, and pleasure. Through his interactions on social media platforms, Estefano has created a forum where people are free to explore their sexuality without judgement. This is incredibly important, especially for people in the LGBT community.

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Top Features

  • 213 Streams
  • 849 Videos
  • 1.2K Photos

Lucas Hall is an ONLYFANS account for men that offers a variety of x-rated and bisexual content to keep his followers engaged. His content is described as being professional, creative, and full of variety—all things that his fans love.

With his content, Lucas offers an inclusive environment for all users, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. He promotes safe sex, sexual education, self-care, and body positivity. This makes him stand out from other international influencers that often portray acts unsafe or egregiously promote unhealthy lifestyles.

Lucas Hall is one of the top 10 ONLYFANS accounts for men. His bisexual content, helpful tips, dedication to an inclusive environment, and interactive approach are just some of the reasons why. If you’re looking for a gender-neutral erotic page with creative and varied content, Lucas Hall is the one for you.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • 454 Videos
  • 788 Photos


Romeo Twink is one of the top 10 ONLYFANS accounts for men because of his unique and captivating x-rated content that is both bisexual and gay. Romeo Twink offers an incredible insight into the mind and soul of the modern day adult entertainer with not only his hot and daring content but also his witty and captivating personality. His OnlyFans is a must have not only for the fans of his work but also to those who appreciate a male entertainer that is pushing boundaries.

Romeo Twink is known for his amazing selection of both gay and bisexual images and videos that keep fans coming back for more. He is constantly exploring new ways of pushing boundaries and experimenting with different content styles. His account is a great way to stay entertained, informed and inspired with content that is both daring and provocative.

Romeo Twink's content is incredibly creative, which is why his account has become one of the most popular OnlyFans accounts for men. He has created a unique blend of both bisexual and gay content that is highly creative and exploration. His videos, images and stories offer his followers an exciting and daring glimpse into the mind of a modern day adult entertainer.

Where to follow:

Top Features

  • 44 Streams
  • 149 Videos
  • 1.9K Photos


Svandylove is a male couple that has skyrocketed to the top of the OnlyFans entertainment scene in 2020. This Lviv-based couple, consisting of two highly talented individuals, produce and share their highly sought after x-rated content and gay content. What makes their content even more special is that viewers can receive their exclusive visuals both in video and photo formats.

They are often referred to as one of the top 10 OnlyFans accounts for men. Since most of their content focuses on male couples, it makes perfect sense why they hold such a high ranking. Not to mention that Svandylove has been positively received by hundreds of followers, making them one of the most interactive and talked about couples on the platform.

Svandylove produces edgy and intimate male couple content. They are one of the few accounts that offer x-rated material and gay content. That means you can watch as they participate in sultry activities that can't be found anywhere else. Their content explores all the kinkiest fantasies that one can only dream of. Their videos give viewers an inside look into the bedroom of these two talented performers. It's no doubt why their videos have thousands upon thousands of views.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • 284 Videos
  • 663 Photos


If you're looking for a steamy OnlyFans page to subscribe to, then look no further than Hotmuscles6t9. This male creator provides viewers with a wide variety of risqué content, with something for everyone. The streamer posts a combination of solo male x-rated content, videos of him with his girlfriend, and videos with other male partners.

The biggest advantage of Hotmuscles6t9 is the variety of photos, videos, and content that they post. Male viewers can enjoy solo jerkoff and masturbation videos, as well as plenty of pictures of his rock-hard abs and body. Hotmuscles6t9 also posts plenty of pictures and videos of his bi-sexual adventures, with partners of all shapes and sizes. His gay content ranges from the traditional twink boys to leather daddies, so there’s something for everyone.

In addition to having a diverse range of content, Hotmuscles6t9 also updates his page regularly. His fans can rest assured that they’ll get the newest, hottest, and most exciting content possible. His bios provide plenty of personal information as well, so followers feel like they know him as a person.

Hotmuscles6t9’s professional-quality videos and photos set him apart from other creators. He always seems to find the perfect angle, making his x-rated videos feel hot and tantalizing. His experience as an adult entertainer makes Hotmuscles6t9 one of the top 10 OnlyFans Accounts for Men. His content is also interactive, which makes the viewing experience so much more enjoyable.

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Top Features:

  • 1.8K Videos
  • 1.3K Photos


With his distinctive top-notch content, Funkdaddy97 is one of the most popular OnlyFans accounts for men. This London-based account includes diverse, explicit content, featuring XXX-rated bisexual encounters and full-on Gay themed content.

The man behind Funkdaddy97 is John 'Chorow' Jones, a successful entrepreneur and media influencer who specializes in adult entertainment. From the moment he opened his account in 2020, he has been cultivating an ever-growing fan base due to the exceptional content he produces.

Chorow has a unique style and philosophy, which is all about providing an intimate experience for his viewers. He has an amazing rapport with his audience, often chatting to them directly and showing them the excitement behind his posts. Through his interactive approach, Chorow does not just provides enjoyable videos but also builds meaningful relationships with his followers.

Funkdaddy97 account features both short clips and full-length videos. The content is varied and includes wild nightlife scenes, intimate one-on-one encounters, and even group sex sessions that truly steam up the screen.

Where to follow:

Top Features:

  • 24 Streams
  • 321 Videos
  • 2.5K Photos


Our list is the best when it comes to the TOP 10 ONLYFANS ACCOUNTS FOR MEN because it only features the very best and most popular accounts. We have scoured all of the available accounts and narrowed it down to the top 10. This allows you to quickly find the most interesting, entertaining, and highest quality account you are looking for.

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