Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

If you’ve ever been dumped for a bad boy, you’re probably wondering why this happened to you.

I know because a lot of guys I know have experienced this. I hear them asking all our buddies why they think girls like bad boys and decided to get to the bottom of this debate once and for all.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of movies where the bad guy rides in on his Harley and steals the woman right from her man’s arms, but that just happens in the films, right?


Unfortunately not, it actually happens regularly, maybe not by the biker dude, but by some other bad boy.

What Girls Really Want In A Guy

There isn’t a girl out there that wouldn’t agree that confidence is the number one characteristic that attracts them to a guy. In most cases, bad boys are super confident, and it shows in everything they do.

Girls love a guy who appears to be living on the edge but still has time to win their heart over. Many people suggest that a girl loves being the center of attention, and when they have a bad boy on their arm, everybody notices.

But the truth behind that scenario is that girls love claiming the rights to the one who was actually able to get the bad boy to commit. It’s as if she’s the only girl in the world that sees the ‘other’ side of him and understands him better than he understands himself.

What Makes a Guy Super Confident?

If you look at the so-called bad boys, you’ll find that they have many of the same characteristics. These are the traits that appeal most to a woman and make her fall hard for that person.

If you can snag just a few of these qualities, you’ll be one step ahead in getting the girl of your dreams. Below is everything you need to know to become more confident!

Characteristics of a Confident Bad Guy

When a confident man walks into a room, everybody notices his presence. I sometimes wondered if it was a scent he was wearing, and come to find out, that actually works too!

A medical study was done once on the manipulation of body odor and how it can alter self-confidence. It showed that the men wearing a formulated fragrance were more confident than the group of men who didn’t get sprayed with it.

But, there are more characteristics that bad boys share in common, and below I will reveal the top five best traits for boosting your confidence.

1. Sharply Dressed

Whether they are heading to work or just going to dinner, confident men know how to dress! If you are constantly worried about being overdressed, you’re not very confident.

Instead, get yourself some fitted clothes, not too flashy, and watch how the ladies look at you differently.

2. Speaks Clearly

Bad boys always know how to speak to a girl assertively, which is a clear sign of confidence. They don’t dance around the topic; they say exactly what’s on their minds.

3. Body Language

Nothing screams confidence louder than the way you carry yourself! You need to find an unapologetic body language that works for you! Work on the four traits below if you want to appear more confident:

  • Make Eye Contact
  • Maintain Good Posture
  • Give Firm Handshakes
  • Smile More Often

4. More Experience 

Let’s face it; nobody enjoys their first time at anything when it comes to relationships. Most first kisses, holding hands, sexual encounters usually are a tad awkward. But how does the bad boy pull it off? He pretends he already has the experience!

Inexperience might be sexy to some older dames, but most ladies want a guy who knows what he’s doing. If you haven’t dated much, act like you’ve dated plenty of girls, and you’ll immediately feel more confident.

5. Good Listener

If you’re confident in your skin, you don’t need to jump in on every conversation to be heard. Bad boys are always confident with their choice of words, never saying things just to be a part of the conversation.

Girls love when a guy listens to them when they are speaking, especially when they are upset. Never try to calm a lady down with your words; actions are always better! Just by putting your hand on top of theirs shows that you care and you are there for them.

Does Hormones Play a Part?

According to science, a women’s hormones can influence who she chooses when it comes to male partners. This research shows that the ovulation stage can play a significant role in what a girl is attracted to.

In fact, it even suggests that ovulation can lead women to perceive sexy, confident male partners as good father figures. I guess the nice guy really does finish last!

What Do Girls See in Bad Boys?

If I had to choose one word to describe what most girls want in a man, it would be fun. Sure, women love successful men, but if that wealthy man is boring, chances are she is seeking fun somewhere else.

Happy, fun, and adventurous are all traits that women love about the bad boys. It’s as if they don’t have a care in the world and they don’t have to follow any set of rules. But keep in mind, perception is everything when it comes to appearances.

Quick Note

Those same guys do have rules; they just make them as they go.

They may love being in control at all times, but they also have the balance needed to make a girl feel good about herself and their relationship.

It’s like the perfect cocktail, and once you master how to make it happen every time, you’ll rarely need to look at the instructions ever again.


Girls will always lean towards the bad boys when they are seeking an adventure. They also feel protected whenever they are with them. If you want to score more dates with the ladies, use the tips above to gain more confidence and see what happens!   

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