Zoosk Review: A Good Dating Site Or A Waste Of Time?

Today I'm going to be looking at a very popular dating site (and now app) that boasts over 20 million users! That's right, this Zoosk review will leave no room for confusion.

Just a straightforward honest review of the site. Let's get on with it!

Now you might be thinking... which dating site is actually not a waste of time?


That's a question I and many others have been asking ourselves since the first dating sites came out. From coming across bogus profiles to sending messages that never get replies, it can be tempting to just swear off online dating forever and give up.

Not so fast...

One dating site that came about in 2007 has been giving those looking for a real connection hope.

In fact, with over 40 million users across 70 countries, Zoosk has helped many of its users find success, whether it was with short-term or long-term dating. That's not to say that the dating site is by any means perfect, but it's one site that might actually be worth a shot in the age of dating sludge.


  • With over 40 million members, this is one of the dating sites where users very likely to get more than just 1 measly match
  • Verified profiles: Thanks to the site's verification process, it's harder for spammers to set up fake profiles here
  • The sign-up process is quick and easy with no annoying 30-minute tests to take
  • Most users are looking for something more serious and long-term
  • The website layout is very simple to navigate with no complicated, tech-y stuff involved


  • The free version is pretty much pointless - you can only browse and like profiles with zero interaction available
  • Premium memberships can add up over time, as is common with other dating sites
  • A lot of the site's profiles are inactive, narrowing down that '40 million' number to something much smaller

Zoosk stats

Zoosk's gender ratio sits at 45% female and 55% male, meaning the choices for female profiles is narrowed down a little here compared to other dating sites.

The most common age range on the site is 25-34. After all, most people on the site are starting to look for something a little more on the serious side, which tends to happen in people's late twenties and early thirties.

The pricing for Zoosk is as follows:

1) 1 month: One-time payment of $29.95
2) 3 months: $19.98 per month or a one-time payment of $59.95
3) 6 months: $12.49 per month or a one-time payment of $74.95
4) 12 months: $12.49 per month or a one-time payment of $149.88

Keep these membership prices in mind when you learn all about Zoosk's bonus coin service down below.

How Does This All Work?

Okay, so Zoosk is pretty popular and one of the more 'legit' dating sites. It's time to finally take that dive and see what the site's all about and figure out how it works. Luckily, the sign-up process is quick and easy, so you can get the ball rolling as soon as possible!

Creating an account

If you've already got a Google or Facebook account, you're ahead of the game here. Use that e-mail/Facebook account under 'sign up,' and then answer some basic questions about your age, gender preference and zip code. Afterward, you'll get some more specific questions so Zoosk can get to know you better.

It'll ask you for your height, religion (or lack thereof), whether you smoke or drink and whether you have kids or are child-free. Viola! It's definitely smoother than a lot of the other dating sites I've signed up for that asked me everything short of my social security number.


After you go through a brief verification process, including clicking a verification link that's sent to your email or getting a code sent to your phone, you can start building up that profile.

With dating profiles, I've found that a brief but meaningful introduction and lots of interesting pictures beats any other format. If your introduction is paragraphs and paragraphs long, chances are it'll be too tedious to deal with, making it very skippable for potential matches.

What is especially nice about Zoosk is that it does most of the leg work for you. If you signed up with Facebook, Zoosk will scan your page to see what you've liked and import it to your profile page.

Pretty cool right?

After that, you'll just need to type a short bio that introduces yourself and details what you're looking for. Make it light, easy and fun - save the heavy stuff for once you're getting to know someone. For instance, write about your favorite hobby, something you're passionate about or a quick quip about what you are specifically looking for on Zoosk.

Zoosk can also grab your profile picture from Facebook to set as your profile picture on the site, or you can upload one yourself. If your Facebook profile pic is kinda boring or doesn't show your face, chances are it won't particularly pique a potential match's interest.

Make sure your picture shows you clearly so potential matches can see who you really are. It also helps if your picture involves you doing something adventurous or interesting, like a travel photo or you doing one of your hobbies.

The apps (iOS and Android)

Honestly, Zoosk works way better through the app, either for iPhone or Android phones. The website itself is very basic and looks a little old-fashioned. Zoosk can be easily downloaded from your phone's app store and used right away.

Not only does Zoosk look more visually appealing on the app, it's also a little easier to navigate by scrolling. It's a dating site made for the smartphone world.

Contacting people

The most important question: just how do you contact someone you're interested in?

What makes Zoosk stand out is the large number of ways you can find a potential match and get to chatting. You can either opt to do a manual search where you put in certain parameters of what you're looking for; for example, maybe you want to meet someone of a certain body type, religion or at a certain distance near you. Alternatively, you can see who is 'online now' to message active profiles.

You can also try out Zoosk's 'Carousel' Feature. With Carousel, Zoosk will show you some pictures of other users with their age included and ask you if you're interested in getting to know them. If you say yes, Zoosk will notify them. If not, the feature will skip to the next picture for you.

Behavior Matchmaking

By the way, as you use Zoosk more, the site's 'Behavior Matchmaking' algorithm will keep track of your profile likes and who you send messages to in order to recommend similar profiles. It's the same type of algorithm that social media or entertainment sites use to recommend movies or music to you.

Okay, now that you know how to actually get matches, how do you contact them?

You have some more options here...

Types of Messages

You can shoot a regular message or send a 'smile' or 'like' if you want to show another person you are interested. These two actions help if you're a little shy or you're not too sure what to say to a potential match just yet.

One other thing to mention: Zoosk also has a 'digital currency' called coins. These coins can be used to send 'virtual' gifts to matches you like, such as virtual chocolates or flowers.

They can also be used to boost your profile so it gets more views from people in your area, and you can send even more messages. You can either purchase a set of coins or earn them by recommending Zoosk on your social media along with other small tasks.

If you're already a premium member and decide to buy some coins, you will definitely start to see your bill stack up quite quickly. It's not really recommended unless you have no problem spending a good amount of money.

Coin costs are as follows:

180 coins: $19.95
480 coins: $39.95
1800 coins: $99.95

Quick Note

A Pew Research study done in February of 2020 showed that only 57% of online daters thought their online dating experience was positive. Many daters thought they weren't getting enough interesting messages or signs from other users that they were interested. Sending a virtual gift may just be what makes you stand out from the other millions of guys.

Frequently asked questions

Don't see an answer to your question? Just get in touch and our team will help you.

Are Zoosk views fake?

This is a pretty big debate with members of the site. While Zoosk claims that 'views' are from other members who've viewed your profile, other members believe the site itself is not completely transparent with this feature, often showing the same people looking at your profile over and over in order to send you 'view' notifications and get you interacting with the site.

In fact, most of the negative reviews of the dating site mention this being a top reason they quite the site. Approach this feature with caution.

Is Zoosk better than match.com?

Match is one of the more well-known dating sites, having been around for longer than Zoosk. It's also more associated with long-term dating and those looking for marriage/life partners. If you're looking to finally settle down, opt for Match. If you're not quite ready for that huge step but still want something steady, go for Zoosk.

Can you chat on Zoosk for free?

Nope. This is what I think dampens Zoosk for many potential users and why it often doesn't make it to the very top of many dating site lists. The fact that there is absolutely no free communication on the site/app will turn-off those who aren't ready to shell out some cash.

Is Zoosk just a hookup site?

Rest assured that Zoosk is not just a one-night-stand site. If you're looking for that specifically, you'll have better luck elsewhere. That's not to say that there aren't ANY people looking for hookups, just that it'll be harder to find here. It helps to be as transparent as possible on your profile so you won't waste time chatting with someone who is looking for something you're not.

What age group is Zoosk for?

While most of the users on Zoosk are in their 20's and 30's, Zoosk also has a 'Zoosk Seniors' feature catered towards those 50 and above. This is a handy feature for those of a certain age wanting to get into the dating game but who are worried about not being able to meet someone their own age.

What is free on Zoosk?

With the free version of Zoosk, you can do such things as setting up a profile, uploading photos, browsing profiles of singles in your area and sending likes and smiles to show others you are interested. If someone else likes you, they can send you a message, but you won't be able to open it until you upgrade to premium... which can be quite frustrating.

What does Carousel mean on Zoosk?

As mentioned previously, Carousel is a very quick way to send out and receive 'likes' on the site. Zoosk shows you a number of pictures of other members that you either 'like' or pass on. If you don't feel like manually sifting through tons of profiles on the site, this is an especially handy feature.

Is Zoosk good for over 40's?

Definitely! While the number of people in their 40s may be less than people in their 20s and 30s, there is still plenty of options for you here. You won't be able to join the 'Seniors' Zoosk feature, but you can narrow down your pool to look for people in the same age range as you.

How do you know if someone read your message on Zoosk?

There is no way to know if someone read your message unless you - you guessed it - pay for it. You can purchase some Zoosk coins to see when a specific message has been opened by another member. Zoosk calls it a 'delivery confirmation.' Otherwise, you'll just have to hope and wait.

Is it safe to use?

With tens of millions of members and many success stories, Zoosk is both safe and legit. Like with every dating site, you just need to proceed with a little caution - there will always be people with mal-intent on every corner of the Internet.

Never provide personal information like your credit card number or social to anyone. Also, if someone tries within the first or second message to communicate off the app, chances are it could be a scam.

Do I need to verify my account?

Yes, Zoosk accounts require verification. You can do so via email, phone, Facebook or through photo verification. Like with other sites, photo verification includes taking a selfie of yourself and sending it to Zoosk so that it can be approved by a Zoosk staff member. While this may initially seem a little tedious, it's a good way to know that Zoosk is trying to get rid of fake profiles.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you'd like by either turning off automatic renewals on your smartphone or unsubscribing directly from the Zoosk website. Zoosk will try and get you to stay by offering a free month or another kind of discount, but you can bypass these offers, thankfully.

Conclusion: Is Zoosk a good dating site?

So, what's the final consensus on Zoosk? It's for sure not without its faults, but for what it advertises, it works.

Its unique features like 'Carousel' and 'Behavior Matchmaking' definitely help the site stand out and can help you quickly go through the millions of potential matches. 'Just be prepared to spend some cash upfront. Who knows - money spent on that premium subscription may just land you the 'one.'

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