6 Things Girls Say To Show That They Are Not Interested

What girls say when they are not interested

Think she likes you? Think again bud.

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There are several things that girls will say during a conversation that show they are not interested or attracted (in that moment) to you. Now because you’re a guy, you’re a dumb dumb when it comes to figuring out if a girl likes you. That’s fine we are all stupid as men in the beginning because we’re not trained to pickup on these subtle signals.

Aside from the body language, actions, gestures etc which we won’t touch on today. There are also things that girls say which are a red flag. These are indicators of disinterest, which are the death of attraction and should be taken seriously.

Let’s look at what these things are and then I’ll tell you how to get past them and still bang her. Everything below will help to prevent women playing games with you and stop wasting your time.

1. I don’t kiss on the first date

Yeah right. Girls say this when they want to test a guy. They say things to put you off, to show you that she’s a good girl and not a slut. But we all know the truth. Of course she kisses on the first date, heck she most likely bangs on the first date, she just needs to be turned on enough.

Having said that if she does say this, then she may have just dodged your kiss or has uttered it within the first few minutes of you meeting. This is her saying “I’m being polite, I’m not really attracted to you right now so please don’t try to kiss me”.

2. I’m busy this week, maybe next week

Yeah right. Could you imagine her saying that to someone like Zac Efron? Nope, because old Zac makes her pussy tingle and you don’t. The I’m busy line isn’t a lie, usually girls are busy… well busier than boys at least, so she’s probably doing something with work, friends or maybe even on another date (most likely in fact).

3. I just got out of a relationship

Could be totally true. She’s heart broken, exhausting and you picked a bad time to approach this girl. But she may also be lying or it may have happened a few months ago, so isn’t totally a brand new breakup. Either way, you could still weasel your way in if you find common ground.

4. I’m not looking for anything right now

Ah, this line brings back sweet memories. It’s a classic and it works without offending the guy directly, so a lot of women use it. But, it’s a total lie. If she’s single and not overly stressed with work, then she’s always looking for a potential boyfriend. All women are, it’s part of their fantasy… running into Mr Right.

5. I like you, but just as a friend

AAhhhhhhhhh! This line is just killer. It sends chills down my spine. When a girl says this to you, it’s hard not to feel an instant explosion of anger. But it’s not her fault, you’re just not making her feel sexually attracted to you. To put things into perspective, if she gives you this line it basically means that you’ve got more chance of meeting a Victoria Secret’s model tonight than you do of sleeping with her.

6. You’re a really nice guy

Oh dear go no. When a girl says you are a really nice guy. What it means is that her vagina dries up every time she is near you. She sees you exactly the same as she sees her gay friend. The moment you hear these words leave her mouth, you must immediately turn on the charm and build sexual attraction. Otherwise you are screwed.

So what do you do?

If you hear any girl spout one of these lines to you, then you need to do the following right now:

  • Brush it off and change the subject – Don’t dwell on what she said and don’t be a little bitch about it. Smile, shrug it off and keep the conversation going.
  • Build sexual attraction – You must start touching her to initiate contact, without touch she won’t get used to you physically. Also begin rapport building, comfort and attraction spiking to keep her wanting more.
  • Use social proof – One of the fastest and easiest ways to get a girl attracted to you is by using social proof. It works better than anything else I know.

Don’t forget: If you’re in a relationship, women can also lose interest there to and that’s where cheating can happen. So make sure you say things your girlfriend wants to hear to keep her interested in you.

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  1. Hi. I’ve been in this situation a few months back with a girl in a course I’m attending.
    We went out a couple times and later she found out I liked her. She then talked to me about how I rushed and she didn’t think there even was some ‘spark’ and that she had just got out from a relationship (true, btw) and wasn’t looking for anything back then. So, as I’m far from being an expert on women, I got so embarrassed I started avoiding her at all costs and didn’t even talk to her ever since (not a very manly attitude, I know), until like a week ago…

    Since a week ago she has been trying to get to me, whether by commenting on something from facebook, a book I’m reading or something else on a group interaction. I really like her (in spite of having been with another girl from my course until recently, which I now see as a mistake and realize I haven’t moved on at all from this first girl). But I’m a bit retracted, because of how she said she felt the first time. And even though she’s trying to get to me I can’t help but wonder if she’s trying to do it just for us to be cool with each other again and end the awkwardness.

    What do you think? I would risk it if it were any other situation, but the thing is we will be in the course together for the next year and a half (assuming we both reach the end of it) and I don’t want it to be even more awkward than it has already been.

    I honestly don’t even know why I like her. She’s not hot, actually she’s a bit skinny, but pretty. She’s intelligent, has sense of humor, cool personality. I’m just heartbroken with the possibility of her trying to get close to me again just to end the awkwardness and nothing else.

    Can you help me with this? With the second girl I was totally cool with, she even was the one who approached me. But with the first girl it’s just the opposite.

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