8 Bar Bets And Tricks That Will Break The Ice With Any Girl… Guaranteed


Tricks get the girls…

Ok, so let me set one thing straight before I continue. I’m not a fan of tricks or magic in the hope of getting a girls attention or impressing her, because it feels like a crutch to me.

Having said that, I’m fully aware that some guys flourish with tricks and it suits their personality perfectly.

So for those guys… I want to share a bunch of bar bets and tricks that

Why bar tricks work

Here are the main reasons why bar tricks get the ladies…

They stand out from the norm

Most guys will stand at the bar, glass in hand and banter all night long whilst getting more and more drunk throughout the evening. If you roll up to a girl with a trick you’ve been practicing, you instantly stand out and look different in a good way.

They create the “wow” effect

Girls will be smiling, laughing and be fully engaged in the moment you open them, which is exactly what you want. You’ve hooked them in which is the hard part, you’re slowly gaining their trust and you can now transition to building intense levels of rapport.

They add pre-selection

As you may or may not know, pre-selection is one of the most powerful tools for attraction that you can use. If you approach a group of girls and use a specific bar trick with a bet on drinks for example, one girl in that group will take a shine to you, the other girls will pick up on this and flirt with you also. Other women in the bar will see this and boom, the attraction spikes all over the place.

They also help keeping a conversation going, so you don’t need to worry about talking points.

3 things you shouldn’t do with these tricks

Avoid making these mistakes at all costs, otherwise you will drastically reduce your chances of pulling that solid 10.

1. Don’t do the same trick twice – Performing the same trick twice in the same bar is risky, it will make you look like you’re a corny magic man, a one trick pony and will just not do you any favours whatsoever. Keep it to 1 performance only and save the rest for another bar.

2. Practice until you’ve mastered it – There’s nothing worse than a trick going wrong and making you look like a gimp. Practice these tricks on friends a good 50 times to become an expert at it, until you’ve reached a level where it feels like second nature.

3. Don’t leave, build rapport – Why are you leaving after you’ve shown them the trick? You need to stay, build rapport, boost your confidence and go for the close. If you leave straight after the trick, you’re just going to come across as “that magic” guy. The idea of these tricks is to break the ice in a cool way, not a cheesy magician way.

The best 8 bar bets and tricks

Pick the best, use them wisely and grab the attention of any girl you want in a busy bar.

Repeat after me trick

This is an awesome trick which gets the girl you like most participating in the trick, so it helps to build rapport and is very simple to do. It’s cheeky and will get her laughing, so you can play this all night long in multiple bars.

Coin in the bottle trick

This trick requires some water, an empty bottle, a coin and a toothpick. So as you can see you need a few things to get this thing rolling, but it’s cool when no one can workout how to drop the coin into the bottle without touching it. Mind bender this one.

Three pints vs three shots trick

Ah man, why didn’t I think of that! This stupidly simple trick will anger some girls because they don’t ever read between the lines, but hey that’s their fault not yours. This will fool most people, so have fun with it and enjoy the free drinks.

The magic smoking fingers trick

You can have a lot of fun with this trick, it freaks people out because they’re not used to seeing smoke coming from your fingers. The more force you apply, the more smoke is created and you don’t need any fancy tools to make it happen. Very cool.

Lighter under the bottle trick

Get snappy son! All you need for this trick are snap happy fingers and nerves of steal. Make sure the bottle is in the centre of the table, you don’t want it falling over onto the floor.

The whiskey water trick

Wanna bet that I can transfer this glass of whiskey to another glass, but the other glass is full of water? You do need some time to pull this one off, so it’s better to use when you’re sitting down with a group of girls.

Magic jumping toothpick trick

Got two toothpicks? Cool, then bust out this trick on the ladies. They will love the “energy” part of the trick, you can really ham up the energy side of it to make them feel a bit special.

Trapped coin trick

This cheeky little trick requires some matches, a match box and a coin… plus a little patience. But it works great every time and fire always captures peoples attention, so will keep the girls sticking around to see what happens.

So that’s it! My first and last post on bar tricks, enjoy and if you have any other tricks then please leave them in the comment section below.

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