Does She Respect You? Here Are 5 Ways To Tell If She Does

Demand her respect.

Demand her respect.

Women will never say “I respect you” to your face… obviously. However they will show they respect you with their actions and how they treat you as a man.

Why is respect so important though? Well if she doesn’t respect you, then she’s going to try and walk all over you. Sometimes with things that are blatantly crossing the line and other times with minor things that she doesn’t consider to be a big deal.

When a woman respects you, she will be loyal to you… treat you well in the bedroom and protect your best interests when you’re not around. This is the kind of woman that you not only want to keep dating, but potentially marry one day.

Also, it’s important to point out that her respect for you isn’t a given and doesn’t stay around forever, meaning you need to stay on top of your game and be the kind of man that women really want.

Ok let’s get into it:

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1. They don’t EXPECT you to pay for sh*t

One of the biggest topics of discussion when it comes to dating and equality is “should you pay for the woman“. Now I’m not going to answer that here, but what I will say is this… women who respect their men don’t care if they pay for them or not. It’s something that doesn’t really cross their mind.

If she expects or even demands that you pay for everything. Then she has no respect for you and it’s you’re own fault for making her feel like a princess. You got distracted by the vagina.

2. She won’t bad mouth you in front of others

One of the biggest red flags of disrespect is when a woman bad mouths you to her friends or strangers that you’ve only met for five minutes. If she does this, you can be assured that she has no respect for you. Women who respect their men would NEVER bad mouth them or make snide remarks to get a reaction in front of other people. It’s a blatant test of your manhood.

3. She won’t throw a hissy fit when you say “no”

If you’re dating a girl that resembles a princess (not in looks but in her character) you need to run for the hills. Chances are she’s going to be throwing a hissy fit at some stage because she didn’t get what she wanted.

By throwing a fit, she wants you to give in to her no. Screaming, shouting, throwing insults… all to make you say “ok, yes honey”. Women that respect their men, take no for an answer and get on with life. You are the authority in the relationship.

4. She won’t test you in front of your friends

Another big red flag is when a girl disrespects you in front of your friends. If she does this, it’s a MASSIVE sign of disrespect and she should be told this. I remember a friend of mine once was dating this girl and we were talking. She overheard us talking about traveling together and butted in saying “He wouldn’t do that, he’s too scared and poor”. I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.

5. She won’t belittle or overly criticise you

When you’re alone with her. Does she belittle you or criticise you? If so, then you’re dealing with a disrespectful woman who has no faith your abilities as a man. She is chipping away at your confidence, trying to break you down. A woman who respects you, would never do this. She knows that she needs you, so wouldn’t do anything but love and support you.

WARNING: This is one of many HUGE signs of a broken woman. You should stay well clear of her.


Getting respect from women is easy. Never take their shit, stand up for yourself and don’t be scared of saying no or disagreeing with them. Women find this incredibly attractive in a man.

Aside from respect, you should also watch out for signs she’s promiscuous. This is a huge red flag that is bigger than the issue of no respect.

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