How To Annihilate A Girls “Bitch Shield” And Make Her Want You

It’s inevitable that you will come across a bitchy woman at some point.

She’ll be happy to tell you exactly what she thinks about you, without a second thought as to how you might be feeling afterwards.

Her main focus at that given point is to ruin you, to make you feel like an insignificant, worthless little boy who would never stand a chance of getting with her if your life depended on it.

It sounds harsh, but trust me you will speak to one of these types of girls one day and you need to be ready.

So when this does happen (assuming it hasn’t already) you need to be prepared for what to expect and how to deal with the situation, so you can turn the table on her and actually make her feel attraction for you, as opposed to hatred. This is one of the most sort after seduction styles that women can’t resist.

If you’ve already experienced the full wrath of the bitch shield, then that sucks for you but at least you’ve learned that you need to get a handle on this area of game, before you come face to face with another one.

Before I begin I want to get one thing straight… a bitch shield doesn’t mean she’s a bitch, just remember that.

GUESS WHAT? Women online don’t have a bitch shield, because they aren’t wearing their social mask. Here’s how to nail some of the hottest women on the planet, using the latest online dating techniques.

Why are some women bitchy?

There are three main reasons why some women are bitchy… aside from the everyday emotions and ups and downs of life, here are the main reasons why:

  • Bad day – She’s having a bad day, she’s human it happens to all of us. It’s important that you accept she’s in a bad mood and forgive her for it, expect her to snap but also understand that even though she’s being a big meany, you can switch it up in an instant and change her state to a positive one.
  • Good mood– It she’s or or even mediocre, she will more than likely have plenty of guys after her on a night out. So the second reason is simple; she’s in a good mood but she’s being very selective with the types of guys she gives a chance. If she can smell that you’re a nice guy, you’re dead. Women treat nice guys like mosquitoes, because even though she’s in a good mood she still wants a challenge, not some guy who’s going to be plain, boring and just hang around her all night.
  • Alpha bitch– These types of girls are quite rare, but you will come across them. They are women that know what they want and will never waste a second on a guy that doesn’t deserve her attention. All she’s doing is weeding out the weak guys, by giving them shit tests. It’s a basic test to see if you’re strong enough to handle her shit… thus indicating that you can protect her.

Two types of bitch shield

Sounds odd, but it’s true. There are two types of bitch shields you need to be aware of, so you can take control of them when they come up.

  • Bitch shield #1: Defence, near to impossible to break – This type of girl gives you nothing to work with, she just says something like “No, not interested… go away” or “Excuse me, can you get out of my face please, go away now”.
  • Bitch shield #2: Attack, trying to humiliate you, making you jump through hoops – This type of girl gives you a ton of material to work with, so keep racking up the bullets and then fire them back at the right time.

She’ll say things like “Why did you come over here, are you lonely or something” or “Nice jacket, did you get that from eBay”.

The best thing you can do for both of these kinds of women is just be calm and keep plowing.

The 4 undisputed ways to annihilate any girls bitch shield

1. Detach yourself from your emotions – Treat her like a little sister (nothing can hurt you) she’a just a little brat. Don’t get aggressive or scared, if you do you’ve just lost.

2. Validate and approve of what she’s doing –  You take away her power. Tell her you LOVE fiery women and you want more, this is a very counterintuitive approach, but it works.

3. Break her pattern – Don’t be compliant and do what every other guy does, agree with her (approve) and then break her train of thought. Throw in bizarre responses to her banter… “You have weird energy about you, it’s really strange” or something similar. Personal amusement is powerful, it throws a curveball and she won’t know how to react.

4. Control the frame – You need to direct the conversation towards comfort. So always be aware of the situation, never get into an argument or shout, just be aware that you’re in control. If she smiles, you win!

Why you should never you “negs” or “neg hits”

Neg hits or negging are terms coined by Mystery and used by guys who follow his methods of teaching.

These aren’t “bad” things to do in a normal situation with a girl, but they are terrible when the bitch shield is involved so never try and neg her, only follow the tips I’ve given you above. Once you’ve built a large amount of comfort, that’s when you can begin to neg again, if you want.

2 things you should NEVER EVER say

In any given situation, you should never ever say the follow two things to a girl who has just thrown you a bitch shield.

  • Don’t ever say “having a bad day are we”?
  • Are you always this friendly?

These one liners show that you’re a gimp and let her know that you’re not the type of guy for her. A strong guy with solid game would never say anything weak like this.

So that’s it dude, if you follow the tips in this article you will absolutely annihilate the bitch shield, and carry out a successful seduction.

By the way, don’t forget. You have the option of bypassing the bitch shield if you skip real world dating and go straight for online dating instead. I use this guys techniques.

What did you say to disarm a girls bitch shield which worked? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever seen. This is far from anything you do to get past the so called “bitch shield” to get her to like you. This just simply pisses her off. To beat a bitch you have to be cunning, more dominating, an alpha so that she can find respect in you because a bitch girl wants an ideal alpha, plain and simple.

  2. Nancy, I have seen girls way bitchier than you, and you are nothing compared to them.

  3. The sparrow flies south for the winter.

  4. For the defensive bitch shield, what’s a tactic to move on without losing face?

  5. Nancy Toney says

    I’m a bitch. If i want to be nice to you, I will. If I want to play with you, I will. If I think you are a worm and I want to treat you as such, I will. If I want to get something from you, I will, and if I don’t get it I’ll stop trying pretty quickly and move on to the next victim.

    There’s no punching through my shield. I always say “Don’t confuse my niceness for weakness, I will rip you up and make a necklace out of your balls.”

    • Your a scared little childish cunt! Go lock yourself in a closet till your bleeding cramps stop…

    • Michael Chambers says

      Let me take you home to meet my parents. I am sure that they would love to meet you. My only hope is that you don’t get someone that beats the fuck out of you. Too say the least. I’m sure you will look great on a coroners slab.

  6. Nick Zalan says

    HAHAHA!!! this is the best article ive read so far and im 14! there is the bitchiest girl i’ve met in my grade and this is going to destroy her. im in shop class and she asks me to stop whistling. half of the other girls whisper i can continue whistling. i’ve been submitting to her for years. in doing so i’ve become predictable. now with this its going to be like i threw her in a lake in january. is there anything in particular i should say because she says stuff like nobody asked your opinion twerp or move, watch it. she even taped her name to a chair because a friend of mine sat in it. not to mention if you get caught sitting in ”her” chair your going to end up on the floor. i’ve seen other articles and they often say that the girl may be insecure and you just need to ignore her. this is waaayy better. in my eyes now she seems like a grumpy little girl throwing a temper tantrum. in reality she’s an insecure brat that has to put down others to make her feel good about herself. this is a lifesaver thank you!

  7. Gorgonzola says

    lol the woman I’ve had the longest, most interesting history with has one of the strongest bitch shields I’ve ever seen (and I’ve dealt with quite a number of different women).

    When I’m nice to her, it has little effect. Sometimes it’ll cause her to chase me for a while and be extra talkative. But eventually, she’ll go cold again – just as she did when we were an item.

    What I’ve found to be true is exactly as this article states: you have to have the thickest skin of all time to deal with it. Unlike other women, you have to call them out immediately. No NC BS, call her the **** out and call her a bitch, but don’t take any of it personally.

    They love being riled up lol, it’s hilarious. They try to troll you HARD, too, pretending that they don’t care about what you think, when in reality, they care the most. They use harsh language, belittling, short responses, ignoring, late-responses, flaky-ness, bluntness, using your weaknesses against you, everything.

    Recently, the long history bitch (she’s the attacking sort) tried to ignore me and treat it as though it’s her standard way of dealing with people. (when I KNOW she was playing ignore games). I called her complimented her, saying I wanted her around more. And she flipped out, saying I shouldn’t say that, blah, blah.

    I flipped it back on her! Annihilated my feelings and went logical. I picked her argument apart bit by bit until she kept repeating herself. I pointed that out, too! The next thing I know, we’re talking for hours and she’s saying how hurt she is that I treat her so badly, that I always find fault in her, and that I treat her like this cold-hearted bitch with no feelings. (I do nothing of the sort. I tell her she’s beautiful, amazing, kind). And she unloads all her inner feelings to me, near sobbing. Even kindly explains why she has to go and waits for me to politely say bye and when I’ll be available to talk before she leaves. (contrast that to her playing ignoring games!)

    ALL BECAUSE I DIDN’T GIVE UP and could give as good as I got. Somewhere along the line, I had forgotten how I used to treat bitches in my player days. ****’s so easy.

    • Nancy Toney says

      She’s playing you.

      She’s just making you think you have the upper hand. Once you stop giving her whatever it is she’s looking for she won’t have any use for you. I have no idea what this woman is wanting from you, but she’s playing along in order to get it. The whole thing reeks of her playing YOU and your “feelings” to cause a reaction. Her reaction, regardless, is just to fuel the reaction you initially gave. She’s just making you think you won. Likely she’s got other “options” on the burners.

    • armando williams says

      I knew this one bitch that manipulated a lot of men. She is pretty but she is getting fatter and fatter and fatter. I called her fat and she got super duper angry. I found her weakness. She was so manipulative and evil that I kept saying the fat joke until she wanted to commit suicide. I didn’t feel bad about it because she destroyed a lot of nice guys emotionally.

  8. Or just ignore her
    Guys who try to spin bad sotuations around will cause their own downfall. Just ignore her who cares lmao u can do anything, save ur problem solving skills for your cv and for ppl who matter. Girls who are like that I am grateful to for simply letting me know up front what they’re really like

  9. I just found this site and it’s great! That happened to me last night actually and welcomed the bitchiness! But this really reminds me of the tv series Californication haha! The writers must read this site! :P But yeah thank you I have actually learnt a lot from this!

    • PUA Training says

      Thanks Ali! Love Californication, every guy needs to watch that for lessons on game!

      • Alpha Aleph says

        Yeah, but what they don’t portray is the PTSD one develops from dealing with too many idiots who think they’re God’s gift to humanity because of the hole between their legs compensating for the space between their ears.

  10. so u approve and then qualify by qualifying. What is the definition of qualifying in this situation and another example?

    • PUA Training says

      Hey Jay, that was a typo… thanks for spotting it! So to clarify, you are approving of her bitchiness and giving her permission to be more bitchy which takes away her power. So yes in this example approving and qualifying is the same thing, we just added the word qualify by accident.

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