How To Ask Girls On A Date Through Texting In 4 Steps

Let me get something off my chest first…

I love texting… BUT you need to be tightening up other areas of your game before you focus on the text part. Like how solid the number is and whether the number was even real!

Only worry about your text game when you have the fundamentals down.

If you’re getting a lot of flakes when texting girls to arrange a date? Then STOP texting and go back to the basics first.

Quick Note: If you want to become a text ninja, then I strongly suggest you check this video out. The video outlines a set of text game rules which you must follow to get the best results.

Make the number solid

1. Talk about future meet ups

Does she like fancy cocktails? Going to museums? Is she an active girl? Think of thinks you can do with each other that she’s going to like. These will allow you to build a connection with her and reduce the chance of a future flake.

2. Ask about her upcoming plans

If you meet her on the Sunday for example, casually ask her what she’s doing that week. Is this week really busy for her (big project or exam etc)? Probably be not to ask her on a date mid week then.

3. Arrange the date there and then

Ask her what she’s doing this week… if she says not very much, then you say “why don’t we meet on Thursday”. Then give her a time frame of between like 7 or 8pm and say you’ll text her in the afternoon to confirm. Give her your phone and get her number.

Ok so now you know that the number is solid, because you’ve done the ground work. Let’s move onto some texting tips, which will make her WANT to text you back and get her excited for you.

How To Ask Girls On A Date Through Texting (4 steps)

NOTE: Every girl is different and the situation you’re in will also change, so it’s important to know that although these tips are very useful, they should be used as a rough framework and not the holy grail.

1. Bar or club example

You met her in a bar or a club over the weekend and you then decide to text her on Sunday evening or Monday, with this:

“Hey it was good to meet you… how was the rest of your weekend?”

This is very simple, short and is different from other boring texts girls will get from guys. Plus it’s open ended so she will of course text back.

The idea behind this text is to gauge her response. Is it very warm or hot? Maybe it’s very cold and not very responsive at all. Does she ask you questions also in the first response? After gauging her response move onto the appropriate step below.

2. Responding to a “positive response” from her

Try and answer her question(s) in a funny way, touch on some points mentioned in her response and then lead onto asking her if she’s free in the week, like Thursday for example. Move onto step 4 once you’ve done this.

3. Responding to a “cold response” from her

Don’t text her back for at least a week and then when you do, it’s crucial that you re-engage and look for the point when she becomes more friendly.

By leaving it a while, you will keep thinking about you and wondering why you didn’t go for the date like other guys would at that point.

Keep playing close attention to her reactions in the texts and only go for the date when she’s responding positively.

4. Texting her for the date

Let’s say, she’s agreed to meet you. Now you need to be more specific and use something that I like using called “illusory choice”.

You say something like this… “Ok, so let’s meet at (this place) when is good for you, 7 or 8pm?”

You’re putting a question there and it’s giving her the feeling of power over the situation.

So that’s it, you’re all done! good luck guys. There are tons of things you can text girls, but seriously it’s nowhere near as important as speaking to her on the phone and having your rapport building skills in place.

Oh and if you arrange a date by text and a girl leaves you on read for several days. It’s game over. You either didn’t build enough attraction when you met her or you didn’t use one of my killer PUA text game openers.

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  1. What should I do when texting seems to be getting dull? Im in a position where theres no point in building more rapport via text cause I might risk over doing it. Shes interested but said shes busy this week. I didnt ask her out yet but once she said shes busy this weekend I kinda acknowledged in a natural way and then said I gtg and ill text her later to avoid the dull text convo. Any advice on backing out of a text convo in order to keep building mystery and attraction?

  2. what if instead of a negative response, she doesn’t respond at alll.

    Still wait a week or just forget it?

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