How To Deal With A Cockblock (Without The Use Of Caveman Style Violence)

Blast through the cockblocks

I came across yet another cockblock a few months back… and I hate them.

They seriously have to be the most annoying people on the planet, they’re there for one reason… to f**k up your game and stop you from getting that fine looking chickadee you’ve had your eyes on all night.

The latest cockbloker was in a New York bar.

I was there with my friend, relaxing after a whole day of soaking up the tourist hotspots in the centre of town.

After around 10 minutes of being in there and catching the eye of a stunning brunette with her Shrek like friend, I decided to roll up to her.

This is what I said;

Me: Hey girls… I’m with my friend over there, we’re just visiting New York for the week and wondered if you had any suggestions for clubs or other cool bars around here?

Shrek friend: We’re not from around here ourselves, so couldn’t recommend anywhere sorry. (Looking all angry and ugly).

Me: Oh right, no worries. Where are you both from then? (Looking directly at the hot brunette, hoping she would answer).

Shrek friend: We’re from Oslo, we’re visiting some friends and going home tomorrow.

After 5 minutes of boring, time wasting B.S chit chat… I asked my friend to come over so he could wing me and remove the cockblock, so I could work my magic on the hottie.

He reluctantly agreed and started chatting to her.

Me: I’ve never been to Oslo, but some pals of mine have and they love it there. They say it’s full of very sexy women that know how to treat men.

Hot brunette: Oh really? [LAUGH] Well, Norwegian women are very good to our men. [CHEEKY SMILE AND WINK].

We flirted for another 10 or so minutes, I was using massive amounts of kino, reading her FBL (female body language), talking closely so we were touching cheeks…

…and then BAM!

The disgusting beast that is her friend Shrek, appears out of nowhere.

I can’t see my wing, so either she’s eaten him or he’s gone off in a huff because she’s so horrible to speak to.

So imagine this… I’ve spent 10 minutes, chatting to this hottie and blatantly wants me only for that attraction she has for me to be flattened in a moment, when her friend says:

Shrek friend: Ok, we need to go now… this place is boring and we need to meet with the others.

Huh? The cheeky little…!

Then they basically both leave really damn fast and that’s it, I’m left there by my lonely self.

This is just one of many cockblocking nightmares I’ve experienced, so I’m now well aware of they need to be dealt with now.

So I’m going to show you exactly how to deal with a cockblock, so you can get to the girl.

What cockblockers do

  • Throw tests at you, to see if you’re another douchebag trying his luck
  • Make your life hell just for the fun of it
  • Stop you from getting laid because they are not getting any themselves
  • Think they are being great friends, when all they are doing is stopping my cock from getting what it wants

So as you can see, if you are a cockblocker. You’re basically just a cock.

Types of cockblocks

  • Best friend (girl) – She doesn’t get laid and hates the fact that her hot friend gets all the attention. Also acts like a mother hen in the group, so looks out for everyone.
  • Best friend (guy) – Secretly fancies her, can’t bang her and doesn’t want any other guy to bang her either.
  • Gay friend – Overly protective, thinks he’s a good judge of character and set on finding “the one” for his BFF… he’s an annoying idiot.

How to deal with a cockblock

1. Get a badass wingman

A badass wingman is essential when dealing with a cockblock. They are perfect for distracting the cockblocker, removing them from a group and giving you enough time to build rapport with the girl you like.

2. Befriend the cockblock

This is actually the best thing you can do and is proven to help you get the girl you want, by gaining the approval of the blocker.

Once she likes you, she will introduce you to her friends and that removes all barriers, meaning you have a straight run.

3. Create quick witted combacks

If you’re ever in the firing line of a cockblock and she’s being particularly aggressive. Be the alpha male and stand your ground, show her that you’re not a pushover and you can stick up for yourself.

For example, if we use my scenario from above. When the Shrek friend said “this place is boring, we need to go”.

I could have have said “Ok listen, let me get your number and maybe we can hook up later if you’re around.” I would have said that to the hot one obviously.

4. Extract the girl as soon as you can

Once you’ve been speaking to a group or a couple of girls and you’re wingman is helping you out. Make it a point to remove the girl from set and isolate her, this will allow you to build rapport, sexual tension and basically seal the deal.

5. Make everyone like you in the group

If you have iron clad balls of steal, then you can go the long route by making everyone in the group like you and becoming the centre of attention. This is an advanced social technique, but can seriously help blast the cockblocker.

So there you have it, proven ways to deal with a cockblock. They are always out there, lurking so make sure you use the above tips during the next one.

That’s the cockblock sorted… now you need to build attraction with the girl you like so she is willing to go home with you. Click here to learn how.

What tips would you give on avoiding or blasting through the cockblock?

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  1. Buck futter says

    My chap dick is so bad i can’t even care about cock blockers. Danny cult if cash cowards milked my purpose so much im poor n hungry adapting to no rewards n all risk.

  2. MindFvck says

    Mystery’s Group Theory is what I apply in-field and cockblock is something that is actually now fun playing with. But the fact that you were left feeling lonely says a lot about your inner game. Also the fact that you feel you need a wingman just because of a cockblock leaves a lot to be desired regarding your perception and intentions of PUA.

  3. I just came upon this article to find out if my male friend was a cock block. I know he has people thinking we have a “thing” going on; I’ve heard people saying things. When were at the bar he stays close by me or has us seated away from the action. I know I said I didn’t want to be in a relationship, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to get laid. So thank you for the article, I need to get a hot “girl-friend” to go out with.

  4. I want to try out the wingman thing, but what if the girl who I like follows the wingman and the blocker when my wingman walks away with him?

  5. happened to me this past saturday night. moved in on the hot girl once it was obvious she was interested in me and available (by the way she was half my age which makes it even more amazing) escalated on the hot girl, kissed her several times, had her bitting my shoulders, telling me she wants me, then the cock blocking friend came. i started dancing with both of them but the cock blocking friend (actually as u described, someone that does not get much attention from guys unless they are totally drunk) decided it was too much pulled her away and said “she does not want to hang out with u anymore”. the club closed shortly afterwards. i already had the girl’s number and texted her the next day, but no response. i am kicking myself because i should have extracted her out of the club a minute or two sooner.

  6. I m a newbie but man I think you should have put in practice some Mystery s group theory ( opening the obstacle, neg the target, etc),Fun article to read, though.

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