How To Deal With An Aggressive AMOG (Without Busting His Head Open) Using These AMOG Tactics

Let's show them who the big boys really is...

Let’s show them who the big boys really is…

Oooooooo, those damn amogs.

So incredibly annoying.

But having said that, I actually don’t mind them too much these days. Why you might ask?

Well because they keep me on top of my game. I know that I will outwit, out game and out maneuver those punks any day of the week.

So today I’m going to show you my very own amog tactics… the ones I use to get rid of amogs quickly so I can get back to chillin with my girl.

Why do AMOG’s… well AMOG?


They are jealous.

…And actually quite insecure.

Different levels of AMOGGING

So in all the years and countries I’ve been doing my thang with women, I’ve come across some of the finest douchebag amogs you could imagine.

Over time I’ve seen a pattern emerge and 3 types of amog’s stand out above everything else:

1. Drunken idiot – The guy has had WAYYY too much to drink and just decides to act like a dick. These guys are tough to do with, so the absolute best way of dealing with this type of amog is to lead the girl away… otherwise the situation can get heated.

2. Cocky player – Usually a natural, who is pretty good with women… likes a challenge and thinks he can have any woman he wants. Basically you should never give the girl a chance to speak to him for too long, if he asks her a question you answer it and dominate the conversation… show him who the boss is.

3. Funny smooth schmoozer – This guy is the deadliest because he’s an under the radar type of AMOG. He’ll worm his way in and steal your girl if your game isn’t tight. When this type of guy is around you need to use a lot of kino and stay close to your lady… again dominate the conversation and extract the girl when the time is right.

Top 7 techniques for dealing with AMOG’s

Here are some amog destroyer tactics I’ve picked up over the years which work on any type of amog.

1. Lock your position

By staying close to your girl and locking in a position it will come across as though you are both more than “friends” so most guys will back off.

2. Use kino

Kino works on two levels, it builds attraction quickly and it also builds comfort. The more comfortable she is with you, the more she will have eyes for you only.

3. Use dismissive alpha gestures

If a guy comes up and is blatantly hitting on your girl, it’s a good idea to respond in a non-aggressive alpha way. To do so, just pat him 2 or 3 times on the chest or shoulder, these are very dominant areas of a male and he will get the message.

4. Dominate the conversation

Submissive guys tend to shy away from confrontation, but you need to learn how to speak up and fight your corner. If an amog is up in your shit, then you need to stop him from taking all the attention and draw it back to you.

When he asks your girl a question, you step in and answer it for her, then direct the conversation back to you. This will put him on the back seat. For example if he says “Wow nice eyes” you should say “Thanks bro… I think”.

5. Extract the girl

Some situations can get heated and it’s always a good idea to move around with a girl anyway to avoid boredom. So just lead her away from the amog by saying “Nice talking to you dude, let’s go…”.

A great way for you to sneak away is if your wingman distracts the douche and you can focus on the girl.

6. Block him out with body language

If you want to get real alpha and show him who’s the boss, use body language by leading the girl and turn your back to him so he’s totally blocked out of the conversation. He should get the message and leave.

7. Call him out

Why not just call him out, straight up? If he’s trying to talk to your girl with you standing there, that’s just disrespectful. Say this “Yo listen dude, I appreciate the fact that you had balls to come up and talk to my girl, but she’s with me… so have a good night”. Then turn your back on him. BAM!

What I’ve learned is that being equally as alpha as the amog and being quick witted (comes with practice) is all you need to get rid of them.

You never need violence, that’s only if they try something stupid like push you out of the way and grab your girl… then it’s totally fine to go Jackie Chan on his ass.

AMOG’s are one thing… but having the confidence in your game to outsmart these dudes is another. Learn my proven techniques and I guarantee you won’t have any more trouble with AMOG’s again.

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  1. Thank you, you piece of shit for showing how to help women get out of a relationship with a loser like you.

    So if you want to get laid with a girl you like you should

    – approach her.
    – if a guy answers your question to her(should you ask her any) you just tap him on his shoulder three times and don’t even look at him, keep looking at the girl
    – if he tries to “go Jackie Chan on ” you, teach him a lesson he will never forget.

  2. christopher says

    I’m dealing with an amog well 2 of them one is a slick motherfucker people ask her questions he answers them the second one seems as a wing man cocky mf but really stupid I want these guys gone she just met them and they are now bestfriends, what do I do?

  3. I have a question regarding this. I was just beginning with pick-up after a long-term relationship having such a situation: After a first date I was invited by a stunning hot lady to join her and her friends in a bar. Being around her maybe 10 minutes an idiot approached her offensively and offered her a drink. She refused. He approached closer, touching her and speaking to her. I interfered by “Hey dude, she is not interested. Let it go.” He ignored me and continued even tougher. I pulled him back from her on his shoulders telling him to stop. He turned to me angrily and a friend of him supported him, too. As I was alone the situation was heating and getting dangerous. I explained how impolite he was behaving. I was asked if I was the boyfriend of her and I lied to de-escalated the situation. They asked her, too, and I she confirmed. They left. I excused immediately to having lied. The lady left to bathroom looking a bit terrified. When she returned I asked if she is okay. She looked at me surprised and was pretending that nothing special has happened. I meant “Well, for me it was not usual. Might be that you have to get use to that being around with someone like you.” The evening continued with few progress. Some days later she wrote me that she still has troubles with his ex-boyfriend and don’t want to have a new relationship. I was always wondering if my behavior with the AMOG was the killer or something else. What’s your opinion regarding my behavior? Thanks!

    • Hey Dude,
      Method #1 would work for you. Dealing with idiot drunk guys is to lead your girl away instead of talking and being aggressive.

  4. jack london says

    Nice tips! Only thing is, where I’m from anyway, it would never be a good idea to turn your back on an AMOG, especially in a drunken situation, cold shoulder maybe, but shut them off fully, and you’re asking to get sucker punched and KO’d, if the guy is a pussy then go for it. But, if he’s bigger than you, this can easily escalate the situation. Be careful out there, no girl is worth getting stomped on, unless she is exclusively, YOUR GIRL of course!

  5. Man, good points, but you totally forgot to mention one of the best AMOG techniques that has worked for me many times. If I remember correctly Tyler Durden (not the fight club one) developed it. When you are in AMOG territory or bar and it is obvious to AMOG that your girl is not really yours (for example, that can be HIS gf) – nothing that you suggested above will work and actually can lead to a fight. What works best is to say hey, hey, hey and raise your both hands up, and say “I’ll give you 100 bucks just take these girls away from me!”
    AMOG is totally shocked by such 180 turn and girls lough and understand what is going on.

  6. Has anyone ever just said to an AMOG
    Excuse me, it’s rude to just butt in on other people’s conversations. Didn’t your parents tell you this? Manners maketh man I’ll talk to you in a bit.

  7. I really like the example 7. ;)

  8. Hey dude,

    I’ve been reading your blog for the last 3 days. I discovered it thanks to a video on youtube where Adams Lyon analysed one of your pick up in a bar.

    It’s just sad that there is not more footage of you picking up girls. I think it would be very instructive !

    Anyway, great blog – I already learnt tons of things.

  9. like it. makes totally sense, im so gonna destroy the next amog. hell i thini i even us this to steal a girl of a dude whose game aint tight ;)

  10. What’s an AMOG?

    • PUA Training says

      Alpha male of group… a geeky term made up to describe meat heads who try to be “the big man” in any situation.

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