How To Get Laid Fast By Outsourcing Your Dating Life In 3 Simple Steps

Today, I’m going to show you how to get laid fast.

How fast? Well if you follow the 3 steps I’ve explained in detail below, then you’ll start sleeping with women within the next week.

Guy kissing a girl as the sun sets.

I’m going to show you how to get laid fast WITHOUT lifting a finger.

I’m being deadly serious.

You can get laid whenever you like without lifting a finger or having to do ANY of the hard work like running around crowded nightclubs.

Oh and before you ask the question, no you don’t have to pay a prostitute!

I’m talking about outsourcing your dating entirely (or even partly) and doing as little as humanly possible to get laid.

Like the sound of that?

Well here’s something else, it has nothing to do with online dating either << SHOCK HORROR!

What I’m about to show you is a system… a really simple system for attracting girls in your life without much effort on your part.

It’s a system that involves an integral part of your social circle.

That part is what I like to call “your outsource girl”.

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What is an outsource girl?

Well. To put it simply, an outsource girl is essentially your wing girl that does whatever she can to bring you multiple girls again and again. The anti-cockblock.

But why would she do that I hear you ask? Do I have to pay her?

Nope, not at all.

In fact, the only thing you have to do is make sure she’s happy.

Ok so let’s dive into the steps in this system (which I use very regularly by the way).

How to get laid fast in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Befriend “outsource” girls

The most important part of this system is to make sure that you have a girl or several girls in your social circle that fit the following criteria:

  • Can the girl be accepted by other girls? – Women are fierce and bitchy. They don’t like arrogant girls who think they are “all that”. So you need to find a girl that’s easy to get along with and you can see other girls like, this is ESSENTIAL! Otherwise jealousy will be a huge problem for you.
  • Are they open and friendly? – Notice how she works the room when you go to a bar or club, is she talking to guys and girls? If so, then you have yourself a natural socialite.
  • Are they sexy but in a “girl next door” kinda way? – Like I said, women don’t like competition, they hate other girls that are hotter than them. So ditch the dolly birds and go for the girls that are sexy, but in a girl next door way.

Step 2: Outsource the approach

Ok, so now you have your “outsource girl”. She’s pretty, friendly, open and just a nice person to go out with. It’s time to show her how to be a good wingman or wing-woman.

Now what? Well you want to kick the system off by asking her to casually approach girls for you. The more you ask her to do this, the more natural it will become and she’ll eventually just do it naturally for you.

Here’s how she should be approaching girls for you:

  • She can say “how I love your dress” or “Ooo your hair looks nice” – Girls like friendly girls who pay them compliments, you know the whole girly stuff. If she makes small talk like that, the other girls will have no idea what she’s doing… other than being friendly.
  • She can build rapport and invite the girls over to you – Once she’s approached, ask her to build some rapport with the girls, make them feel comfortable around her, then when the time is right she can say “oh, you need to meet my friends, they’re cool…”. BAM!

Step 3: Outsource the whole process

After several approaches, you’re going to become increasingly more lazy (if you’re anything like me). So what I’ve actually ended up doing now is outsourcing the whole process to my girls.

They approach, open, build rapport, comfort, get contact details, friend on Facebook, invite the girls out and all I do is just wait for the perfect time to get introduced and boom, that’s it. Cool huh?

Here’s how to do that in detail:

  • Leave the girl you’re with to carry the conversations and relationships – Don’t feel the need to butt in, let your wing girl do her thang and carry the conversations for you.
  • Always have a party for them to come back to – The best way to get a group of girls back to yours is to say that you are having an “after party” at your place or a friends place. Your outsource girl will invite them, make them feel safe and do all the dirty work for you… no LMR!
  • Build trust with your “outsource girl” (don’t sleep with her) look after her – Make sure you don’t take advantage of your outsource girl, she’s doing you a huge favour. Treat her like you would your sister, keep her safe, make sure she’s happy, book her a taxi home and just look out for her. If you do, she’ll treat you like a king.
  • Give her direction (if she needs it) – Sometimes you will need to give your outsource girl a little nudge in the right direction. Let her know what types of girls you like, what you’ve noticed her doing wrong and how she can improve her lady game.
  • Introduce her to cool and attractive guys occasionally – Treat her once in a while. Girls don’t typically approach guys, so do her a favour and approach some guys for her… it’s make her happy.


So there you have it! My overly simple 3-step system for outsourcing your dating completely. I seriously can’t think of a better way to get laid, (unless you use an adult dating site) it’s just so bloody simple this system.

No dutch courage to make you more confident, no rejections, you don’t need to force an IOI, just easy access to tons of women regularly. Cool right?

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  1. Dude seriously… You are one of the best. please keep posting!

  2. It’s funny I’ve literally watched this video after recently befriending a Lithuanian girl living in the UK and I tell you a wing-girl like her makes things soooo much easier and fun! She would literally check out a nice girl for me, approach her head on (whether she’s already with a guy or not), and in a matter of minutes I’d be speaking to this new girl. EVERYONE should have at least 1 female friend who is a great wing-girl.

  3. want to find a girl that will make my old lady happy to have sex with her to male us both happy but need to make it look like it. was her idea

  4. I just wanna say that since getting this that women are literally just throwing themselves at me everywhere I go. I went to the movies the other day and I just got there an the women already wanted Me to take her home. I didn’t say anything, she just wanted Me!!! I was a gentleman an just talked to her, but she just about didn’t let me see the movie. I will go back soon an see if things change for the good or Better!!! Thanks guys!!!

  5. I think it’s a bit of a joke targeting stupid girls or cattle like, what a waste of time your only going to pick up lame whores, works just like that in New Zealand, Try being a peasant nothing works when your poor.I am sure this would be good if I was rich and lived in London.

    • Excuse me for butting in here….

      But who said anything about stupid girls? Let me guess. You got that from the term outsource, right? (Hint: outsourcing has nothing to do with stupidity; he’s suggesting you have someone else help you, like a company might contract someone to do work) If not, where did it come from? The only “stupid” thing is the suggestion you make. Lastly – and I would apologise but I’m not really sorry and I cannot resist (besides, I do offer you one little tip that is actually pretty significant):

      There is a difference between “your” as in “possessive” (e.g., Is that your shirt?) and the contraction “you’re” which is to say two words shortened: you are. Your mentality of nothing works when “your” [sic] poor will do nothing but worsen it for you: you are essentially giving up and you are using an excuse to not take account for it. Not writing this to be insulting but rather to make you realise how it will come across to any one (girls included) as well as reality. When you say “nothing works …” you are sealing your fate right there: nothing will work if you insist it will not work.

      Wishing you luck, as do all the other cows, bulls, mules and goats….

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