7 Things I Learned From Hank Moody (Californication) On How To Pick Up Chicks

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When it comes to being a natural… there is no better teacher than Mr Hank Moody.

Even though he’s a fictional character on one of my favourite shows (Californication), I still can’t help but learn a thing or two every time I watch the damn thing.

Yes he drinks too much.

And yes he smokes too much.

BUT, he’s got sicker game than almost any other TV show character that I know and gets more ladies than he can handle.

Before I get into the life lessons of this beautiful man… I first want to share a few words of his wisdom:

  • How can you be so fucking beautiful and so fucking wrong?
  • I have found that the back tat is the watermark of the promiscuous.
  • Do you want me to want you to suck my c*ck
  • A morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness.
  • You’re looking at me like I just finger-b****d your cat.

Ya like that sh*t? Yep… the man is a legend.

I promise you that if you watch Californication, you WILL get better with women, and if you haven’t seen the show yet… where the hell have you been man!

Here’s a taster of the natural in action…

Ok… enough with the flirting, let’s get down to the things I’ve learned which you should adopt from this muthafuckaaaaaaa:

1. Be the alpha male bro

Don’t be afraid to step up and be more alpha when you need to be. Hank always acts like an alpha male when around women and men. If a guy tries to diss Hank, he’ll stand up for himself and the people he cares about most… you should do the same, never let anyone walk over you.

2. Persistence will always pay

If Hank wants something… he’s gets it, even if it means screwing a few things up along the way. If you’re persistent enough, women will respond to that and eventually give up.

3. Live life on your terms

Why would you live life on anybody else’s terms but your own? What’s the point? Well there isn’t one. By living life how you want to live it, random but opportunities present themselves to you and life suddenly becomes a bit more exciting… rather than doing the same old crap day in day out.

4. Don’t give a sh*t what others think

Obviously you can’t take this to heart and not care what ANYONE thinks, because you would be an odd dude. But certainly don’t care what others think of you. All that matters is what YOU think of you, how you see yourself and if you respect yourself, that’s it. This is one of the biggest rules when it comes to picking up women.

5. Quick wit wins

You don’t need to be a wordsmith like Hank, but it doesn’t harm you to work on your vocabulary and learn how to be more snappy with your banter. Hank always has a comeback no matter what the situation or person.

6. Friends and family first!

A real man defends his family and protects his friends… he also supports them when they need him. Nothing is more important than your family and close friends, it’s what makes life so special (cheesy words, but true). This means that you need to be willing to walk away from any situation so you can support your family and pals, women love this in a guy.

7. Suck it up and move on

Hank has been slapped, punched, hit over the head with a plant pot, run over and the man just keeps coming back. Whatever life throws at you, whatever women say to you… just suck it up and move the f*ck on! Don’t bitch or moan you woman!


So as you can see Hank Moody is the man. Do yourself a mighty fine favour and go watch every episode there is of Californication… you will not regret it.

Want some hank mood style game? Then watch this dude.

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  1. Hank moody is the Man , he can conquer any situation or bitch that gets in his way. But the one girl that was always true too him , but he still gets mad-props.

  2. If you like the character of Hank Moody, I urge you to read the work of Charles Bukowski! That man is legend!

  3. ive waited for years for you to talk about hank moody! its amazing how someone like hank who has the most messed up life is still an idol for us

  4. Hank Moody is a legend,I like his whole mind set. Californication is a must watch you guys…so many lessons to learn from this show about the pick up game

  5. Hank ha what a champ!

  6. Awesome, I went out and bought the complete season 1-5 because of you guys. Could you do a post about Dates? Like where to take girls, what to say on the date and how to get them back to yours?

  7. I’ve never watched this show although I’ve heard lots about it. Looks like I’ll be checking it out!

    Thanks for this post, very entertaining and sme great tips.

    What other great fictional characters would you rate as good role models for PUA??


  8. CaptainWeiner says

    I have watched this show for the past 5 years. Honestly, I didn’t think a human could really live this lifestyle because it is fictional and it seems so crazy. I thought you had to white and good looking to get these type of results. It reminds me of the good old Los Angeles days. Damn that was a good place to live in, and the quality of women are probably the best you will find in the United States compared to the rest of the country; you could argue SoHo is good as well, but Los Angeles has a larger area of cute/hot women. This guy is my role model

    • I’m origianally from the UK but I visit California a couple of tiems per year on business. Gotta say the girls there are one step above the rest! You guys a damn lucky! =)

  9. Heard so much about californication but underestimated it. after this article I’ll watch the whole thing in one week.

  10. Started watching this due to the post. 8 episodes through, pretty decent show. Hank is a boss!

  11. Hank Moody character is really well written and crafted and well acted upon by David Duchovny… Hank Moody is my hero.

  12. Hi mate

    Glad to see u brought Hank moody’s example on as a role model.
    I’v been watching this show for the last couple of years and tried
    some of his banters in real life and it Works!!

    dude, can you do an about the character of Ari Gold from the series Entourage?
    This guy has Alpha Male characteristics as well….

  13. you should watch nip/tuck. christian troy is the man!

  14. Charly is good character too,hey he got to 100 :) If you watch you know what i mean.

  15. What an incredible attractor….I love it!

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