How To Pickup And Date Russian Women (The Hardest But Hottest Girls On The Planet To Game)

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If you were to ask a random guy on the street what he thinks of Russian women. He’d probably say one of (if not all) of the following:

1. They are extremely cold and bitchy
2. They are high maintenance and ONLY looking for men with tons of money
3. They don’t give up sex easily, without hard work and months of dating

Now the funny thing is, all of the above concerns about Russian women are misconceptions, with the exception of (3) because Russian girls aren’t “easy” however there are obviously a few you can crack quickly and for the most part you only need a few dates (like 3) before you can sleep with them.

Russian women are very kind, considerate and extremely feminine. They love to look after their man and will do almost anything for them to make them happy. This includes cooking, cleaning, ironing, taking care of you in the bedroom etc. They are amazing women to date, but you have to get past the initial interaction first and get to know them.

Today I want to give you a mini “how-to” guide on how to properly attract, meet and pickup the most stunning Russian women on the planet and actually sleep with them.

WARNING: I consider Russian girls to be the hardest women to date and sleep with. They are very selective, prone to be old school romantics and want the man to be THE MAN, so they really aren’t for every guy. Not only that, they are loyal.

But if you want a challenge and the chance to sleep with a 10, then you should try. To be honest, I don’t date anything but Russian girls these days, they are perfect to me.

Ok, let’s get started.

1. They don’t like bullshit

Don’t use opinion openers, they will say “why are you asking me this stupid question”. Be direct, they will be too, which is what you want really.

2. Be decisive

Russian women hate flip floppy men, you need to know what you want and go for it. Don’t ask what she wants to do, and be sure of yourself.

3. Be a gentleman

You need to open doors, help her with he coat, and do everything like we used to 50 years ago in the West. In return she’ll cook for you and iron your clothes (yes they love to do this for their men and no it’s not sexist to them).

5. Be honest

Tell her what you want, what you like, and she’ll do the same. Don’t try and lie or tell her what you think she wants to hear, she’ll see through it and be turned off.

6. Look out for challenges

She’ll be straightforward and might call you out on things. Be ready for these challenges and respond with honesty/humour/teasing depending on the situation. Don’t be afraid to give her some sass back if she seems like that kind of girl.

7. Be manly

If you spend hours getting ready and take ballet and yoga classes, it might be best not to mention that. Russian girls like manly alpha male men. It’s a little old-fashioned, but the plus-side is they’ll be incredibly feminine.

Final words

In my eyes, I actually think Russian women make you become a better man, just by dating them. You naturally become more decisive, more of a gentleman and the kind of guy that women still want but just don’t get anymore.

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  1. They’re pretty easy, if you’re Russian… Hehe.
    It’s easier to get ’em if you’re a minority in US. It’s not common to meet Russian women in US, but if you do… Success. Not as much luck in Russia, tho

  2. I have done research and have met one Russian nurse in California and what you have written is true. The nurse Masha, is married and I failed to ask if she has friends here. One thing she told me to do….which I already knew was…to ask for the police report and medical records. This is Just FYI for guys who do not know. It would be nice to find them here in Southern California…any information would be Appreciated.


  3. I’ve been dating Russians for 6 years, and wouldn’t have it any other way, even though I live in Australia. I love them, but could surely benefit from more of your education on the subject. And, yes, so far I agree with everything you said above.

  4. Russian women are hard ..or hardest women to date? First, thank you for the nice article. Second – they are really, really easy. I mean..REALLY. No offense against the Russian women, but you, as pick up artist..can conect online with some Bulgarian pick up artists and ask them about the Russian women. I suggest you, really. On the Black Sea coast..Turkey and especially Bulgaria..they have “interesting reputation”. In short…on the Black Sea coast only one word can be correct for the Russian women – sluts. Again I say, nothing against them. You know, I suggest you…visit Golden Sands or Sunny Beach, Bulgaria between June and the end of August…you will be surprised what you will see and experience.

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