How To Spot A Gold Digger In 7 Ways

Gold Digger

Gold diggers are more common now than they have ever been. Now obviously, not all women are gold diggers… but this is a growing trend, especially in younger generations growing up.

Our society in the west is placing women on a pedestal more than ever before and it’s changing the way younger women think for the worse.

Think about it for a second. Why would you bother going to work, when you can find a guy to pay your rent, your bills, give you money to shop, for food and even to go to university/college.

It’s a growing epidemic and I want to show you how you can sniff out a gold digger and cut her loose before she takes you for a free ride.

There are multiple types of gold diggers, but today I want to focus on just the typical generic gold digger that is fairly easy to spot.

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Does she drop hints about not having enough money?

Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or you’ve just met a random chick in a bar. There is something that all gold diggers do, which is usually passed down from their parents (the father in most cases) and is called “please can I have that daddy”. Notice if she starts to drop hints around you about not having enough money for something.

This could be money for bills, speeding tickets, parking fines, manicure sessions, hair cuts etc. She will say something like “My electricity is about to be cut off and I don’t have enough money this month to pay for it… ugh f**k my life”. Basically she will guilt trip you into being a white knight who will save her. Don’t fall for it.

Do they value materials over necessities?

Women who prioritise money over anything else, depend on their addiction which is to buy the most expensive crap, use it once and never use it again. For example, they buy the most recent Loui Vuitton handbag for $1500 when they have rent that needs to be paid in a week. Understand their financial situation by asking them what they spend most of their money on and then you’ll start to build a picture on how they treat money.

It’s also a good to ask if her parents help her out with rent, without sounding like you’re prying into her life. You could say something like “Woah, nice handbag, did daddy buy that or do you have a secret admirer?.

Does she feel entitled?

This is the most common trend amongst 99% of young girls these days, but it’s ravenous with gold diggers. They will portray a sense of entitlement as though they deserve everything they are getting (usually because they’re hot). They display princess behaviour and will throw a strop when they don’t get what they want. Work is merely an obstacle they would like someone else to do for them, so they can get the end result.

If she describes herself as special or doesn’t understand the true meaning of working for money, then you need to ditch her NOW!

Fish for evidence

Always ask them questions that point back to their gold digging roots. Materialistic questions are best, because it shows you that they value materials over anything else. Ask them things like “So, what the best thing you’ve ever received as a gift?”\

You can also ask them family related questions like “How is your relationship with your dad?” which will help you to determine if she was spoiled by him. If she was, then you can expect her to want the same from you.

What questions does she ask you?

The easiest way to spot a potential gold digger is to wait and see what questions she asks you. They will always be financially based and geared towards materials. Things like “What car do you drive” or “What do you do for work?”. If she’s a pro, she will ask questions about you having kids, if you travel a lot etc. Anything that involves money.

When she does you can safely assume that she doesn’t respect you and just wants your money.

Does she offer to pay… ever?

Now this is a tricky topic because it relates to whether you should be paying for a girl on most occasions. But it’s also a very good telltale sign that she doesn’t value you, rather she values what you can do for her based on you paying for everything. Let’s say you’ve been out on multiple dates and she doesn’t offer to pay for anything, ditch her. She’s obviously not a generous or caring person.

Put her to the test

There’s one final thing you can do that will test her, but it’s risky. I wouldn’t advise it, but it’s a good test if you want to know once and for all if she’s only interested in your money and nothing else.

Say that you want to take her out for a nice dinner and you’ve booked a table in a great place, also you have a surprise for her before which is tickets to something. Now say to her, I want you to wear something sexy. If she says “I don’t have anything to wear”. You can say, “Ok take my card and buy something”.

The test is this – If she buys something that expensive, ditch her. If she buys something that’s moderately priced, like a few hundred bucks max. Then she may be a keeper. Like I said though, it’s risky. Especially if you don’t have much money. You should really learn how to tell if a girl is broken and that way you can filter them out quickly. Gold diggers are 100% broken.

Another thing you need to watch out for is if she’s only doing this with you. The last thing you want is a gold digging slut. There are signs she’s a slut that you can watch out for though.

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  1. Dice PUA says

    This article needs to be updated I’m going to point out a lot of things…

    1.Watch over her for her voice tonality:A bitchy voice tonality indicates superiority and that I want to be spoilt by you it creates attention to show value.Also,if she says I have no competition,or pretends that a girl on the street is staring at her in a mean way and she’ll complain about it..well it’s not a good sign..

    2.Gold diggers are mostly never spoiled by their parents,they’re parents were usually greedy on them and thus they never experienced a quality life and think that my boyfriend will take place of daddy.

    3.If she calls her boyfriend the word daddy expect her to be a gold digger.No Girl/Women should call someone daddy in public…

    4.They sometimes pay partially for they’re dates they’re not that stupid,I was once with a gold digger and she paid for her own coffee after I showed a bit of dominance this leads us to the other point..

    5.They mostly go for the orbiter who’s usually “Mr Nice Guy” he’s an easy target because all he does is treat her like a Cinderella..he is weak in terms of the control factor

    6.She will somehow confess it.For example,the gold digger that I was talking with eventually told me about her future plans and it involves divorcing for money.

    7.If she’s wearing expensive brand clothes try to check/smell if she wears any perfume on,if she doesn’t it’s either a rental or something shell wear and return the next day.

    8.Her family : she will try her best to make her family somewhat of high value you will notice her telling stories that doesn’t make sense just to match up to your standards in terms of displaying value.

    9.Her friends: If she’s around her friends who dress up all fancy on instagram/Facebook you If you notice that she tends to hang more with those expect that she’s a gold digger? Why? Her friends provide her with everything that she needs to show value,they will influence her behaviour,they will provide her with everything she needs to put you in the diggers help each other.

    10.She will stalk you around:A gold digger plans everything beforehand she will study you before making her move know what your interests social background and all that,they will even shift personality or put they’re friends to stalk you and provide her with feedback.

    Good Luck Sarging!

    Dice PUA

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