7 Kick-Ass Direct Openers That Break The Ice And Get To The Point

Designed more for daygame, but can be used in clubs and bars.

So we’ve written about the most famous pick up lines of all time, however today I want to spill the beans on the best openers for getting a girls attention and getting to the point damn quick.

These are ice breaker questions and statements that are direct. So direct in fact that they will get you exactly what you want within the first 2 minutes of saying them… an answer.

You either get her number or you get a polite no, simple.

Guys always seem to want to make things complicated by saying “Yeah, she’s hot but I just don’t know what to say” which is usually an excuse caused by approach anxiety.

Boo hoo, suck it up.

Now there’s no excuses buddy, because below are the best direct openers you’re ever going lay your virgin eyes on. I should be given an in-field award or something for coming up with these bad boys.

Ok, enough with the narcissism… let’s get rolling.

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Kick-Ass direct openers

  1. Excuse me can I tell you something?
  2. Hey, I just saw you over there and had to come over and tell you that I think you’re very cute…
  3. Ok, so I was going about my day and then I noticed you, which completely threw me off… Hey I’m (name)
  4. Wow, I love your style… you’re Swedish right? (Assume her nationality)
  5. Excuse me… I’m going to be really honest here because I need to be somewhere, I think you’re absolutely gorgeous and I’d love to go for a drink with you sometime, can I get your number?
  6. Stop right there, I’m sorry but there is no way I’m letting you get passed me without saying hello, you’re just too damn cute (with a cheeky smile).
  7. Excuse me, what would you say if I told you you’re the cutest girl I’ve seen in the last 5 minutes?

Note: If you’re feeling brave, once you get the number, use a dirty pick up line on her. WARNING, this only works if you’ve built some rapport.

The ideal time frame for an interaction

If you’re having a lot of trouble figuring out how to build rapport (including how to break rapport) or connect the first time you meet a girl, guess what? It doesn’t need to be longer than 2 minutes!

Listen, time is of the essence and there are so many women out there, give yourself a head start by cutting through the fluff and giving it to her straight. You like her, you want to meet up with her again and you’re a busy man. Plus it puts pressure on her to make a decision.

Why direct openers are better than in-direct

Surely this is obvious isn’t it? You’re stating your intent right off the bat, there’s no messing around with stupid in-direct openers asking her for directions or whatever. It also communicates that you’re a sexual, strong alpha male who knows what he wants. Women like this.

They also like men calling a woman out on her games and showing her who the daddy is. It’s about commanding respect, they can’t help but feel attraction for a man like that.

What you must do straight after opening

  • Always assume, never ask – Making assumptions during conversation is more spontaneous and intriguing for a girl, so you should never go into interview mode, just keep assuming.
  • Ask if she’s single – Some guys think you shouldn’t ask this, but I do. Say to her “Are you single or do you have a boyfriend or something? If she does, then you’ve just saved yourself some time by cutting through pointless chatter.
  • Tell her she’s sexy – Women love being told they are sexy, all women want to be sexy but have a ton of insecurities which clouds their self worth. So say to her “You’re incredibly sexy you know..”. These are the type of things women like to hear.
  • Get her number on the spot – If she says yes, then call her phone on the spot so you know you have the right number. Standard stuff, but it’s easy to just take a number and walk away.

That’s it, my collection of kick-arse openers that work every time.

Want to know some of my best rejection proof openers that I use all the time? Check out Stealth Attraction for my latest techniques.

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  1. ‘Were you just looking at my butt? No? Why not?’ Or try this one: ‘hey I was walking down the street, minding my own business, and absolutely no-thing was happening. But then, then…then I saw you walking by… Well there’s still nothing going on, but now we’re talking. What’s you’re name?’ Or try this one: ‘Hey! You look like the perfect girl to buy me a beer. So unless you want to prove otherwise, a Bud would be nice! Thank you.’ Or this is my personal favorite: ‘You know what keeps going through my mind? (look up like you’re thinking) …why haven’t you and me been talking before?… (or danced, or got drunk together, make up your own BS)

  2. In night game or higher energy environment. You can’t use a direct opener when the girls in a group. You have to open the whole group or you become the creeper . If you get lucky and catch the girl solo then you can be more direct. I would recommend direct in day game in and low energy venues in night game .

  3. Well I’m slightly confused when you talk about always assuming instead of asking questions. But if let’s say you get it wrong few times in a row (which I think usually is the case) then isn’t that building up a NO-Latter ?

    • Wel, from my experience & understanding, normally in life, most of the thingz we talk about as humans are related to our experiences in life, the thingz we want to experience and other people experiences, therefore, all combined in a sentence lead to a convensation….so when we talk 2 our friends we dont usually ask each other questions but 70% we generalise, assume, factual, debate and state what we know and 30% I’d say we ask questions. So imagine when you meet a stranger, a guy or a girl and instead of conversing they had to ask you to many question, the obvious thought(answer) that would come to mind, is a defensive answer. The difference btween women and us guyz is that women are closed more often. if guyz were approached more offen like women than they would see the difference.

  4. It works and it’s easy!!!! Thanks !

  5. Lee Hadley-Austin says

    How about in student venues, where its quite high energy, girls are in big groups and have short attention spans. Would you suggest a similar direct opener in that environment?

  6. The main problem I have is approaching her when she is with her friends. That is the only thing I need help with. Please reply

    • Ok what you do is just do it. Once you get her attenton turn to the group and say “I’m going to pull her aside and flirt with her for a minute is that ok?” Or something like that. Get her secluded from the group like 4 feet away so they can’t hear you but they see the interaction. Put you and her in your own little world. Or you could talk to the group and be like “honestly the reason why I came is because your friend here is cute” it works, just do it

    • Talk to the guy if there s one to practice and to join the group. I don t have this problem anymore now with group of girls only.

  7. I think it may be okay to ask a girl whether she is single (more direct and not a question she gets asked very often), but you should never ask a girl if she has a boyfriend, because this is standard and just as lame as an age-old canned opener. Besides, many girls would say in the first few minutes “sorry, I have a boyfriend” anyway, even if it isn’t true, so they don’t have to speak to some random stranger. By asking her if she has a boyfriend, you play right into her cards and give her an opportunity to say yes. If you then drop any further interaction, you a) might miss out on a chance to get with that girl after all, and you show that you are not the persistent type (something that has been recommended on another blog around here), and b) you basically show right from the beginning that all you are after is just that – getting her to be your girlfriend, rather than just having fun with her and see where else this might be leading. So, asking a girl about a boyfriend is, in a way, just another form of neediness, which won’t get you anywhere.

  8. Excuse me can I tell you something?…(yes), I just saw you and had to come over and tell you that I think you look very nice ;-)

  9. what comes after the opener for example the first kick ass opener, Excuse me can I tell you something?….what do I tell her after she says yes? or no ?

  10. but in stealth attraction videos gambler said that we have not to mention things verbally like if she’s sexy

    • PUA Training says

      In night game this would certainly be different, because there are some seriously hot but bitchy girls that wouldn’t react well if you called them sexy, only the mediocre ones. In the day time however it’s far better, as they don’t expect it, they’re just going about their day.

  11. The Kick Ass Direct Openers actually fucking worked! YOUR GENIUS!

  12. I know what to do but just dont have the confidence to do it, how do i build confidence?

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