8 Pick Up Artist Techniques You Need To Master

Pick up artist techniques.

Becoming a pick up artist (someone who’s very good at attracting and sleeping with women) means you need to master a handful of pick up artist techniques.

Huh? What do you mean pickup artist techniques?

Well I mean a bunch of tried and tested openers, one-liners, closers and tips that were designed and refined to help you build attraction with women.

The reason you need to master these PUA techniques, is because they have been known to help improve your game MASSIVELY.

They cover every area of attraction, from the open to the close and everything in between.

So the better you are at each of these techniques, the more chance you have of pulling women… a whole load of women if you want.

How to use pick up artist techniques

The best way to use these techniques is to practice them in-field on all types of women, as much as you possibly can.

For example, if you’re at work Monday to Friday, try them out in your lunch break every day. Then on the weekends dedicate more time to make them work for you.

You basically want to get to the point where you hit certain hot spots with women and know exactly when to use a certain technique… this does come with practice though.

The 8 pick up artist techniques you need to master

These shouldn’t be used in order, they are just ordered in terms of opening to closing. So the way you open a girl in a club would be different to how you would open her in the street.

Use each technique based on the situation you are in.

1. Stop and shock

Used in day game more than anywhere, but can also be used in-between clubs and bars also. This technique helps you stop a girl so you can grab her attention and start a conversation.

Simply, walk beside her and then jog slightly in front of her with your hand up signaling her to stop, as you do so you can say “Excuse me, I just have to tell you something…”.

She’ll stop and listen, so make sure your follow up line is good.

2. The pre-selection

Known to PUA’s as the best way to grab a girls attention in bars or clubs, but also used in general as a way of girls chasing after you. Pre-selection happens when you appear to be the most desirable male in a group.

For example, if you’re in a picture with two other very attractive women, you’re all smiling and seeming to have a great time. Women will find you more attractive, than if you were with a group of guys.

So start engineering your social circle so it has more attractive women and high status males who help with showing that you’re a high status guy yourself.

What you will find is once one girls finds you attractive, other girls will follow suit.

3. The direct opener

Perfect for day and night game. The direct opener shows you are a dominant, alpha and confident guy who doesn’t hold his intentions back. Women find this incredibly attractive.

Just walk up to a girl and say “Hey, I just saw you from over there and had to come and say hi, because I think you’re incredibly cute”.

4. The in-direct opener

This should only be used if you’re scared to use direct openers. Even though they are less effective, they can still work in terms of breaking the ice and warming up the conversion.

You could open a girl and say “Excuse me, I’m meeting a friend and he said he’s outside Leicester Square tube station, do you know where that is by any chance?”.

5. Assumption building

Hooking the interest and building attraction within a conversation is crucial. Where most guys fail is by asking too many questions, so you need to flip that on it’s head and assume rather than ask.

If you said “You’re from Sweden right?” if you get it right, she’ll be taken back by how insightful you are, but if you get it wrong, it’s more interesting to her, than if you were to say “So where are you from”.

No interview questions… please!

6. Kino escalation

Always be kinoing during a conversation. It helps to build trust and comfort quickly, it also builds attraction.

The moment you start speaking to her, touch her arm or shoulder to initiate kino. Don’t touch her for longer than a couple of seconds each time because it will come across as creepy.

7. Sexual dialing

Sexual escalation is even more important than kinoing. It’s designed to arouse a woman and make her think of you in a sexual way as opposed to just a friend.

Simply keep kinoing her but in more sexual places, like her stomach, legs face and waist. Don’t assume she doesn’t like being touched, just keep touching until she pulls away or says something.

8. Qualification

Attraction isn’t built all in one go, it’s built by a series of spikes. So along with the kinoing and sexual dialing you want to throw in a few attraction spikes, also known as qualification.

The way to do this is easy. Just disagree with her at some points during your conversation. If she says “Oh yeah I’m in town for a few weeks I love this place”, you would say “Oh cool, I’m not actually keen on this place because…”

If you agree with everything she says, it’s boring, predictable and not attractive.

9. Number close

So after all the work is done, you need to number close or instant date close her. Either one is fine, but still takes a little practice to nail it comfortably.

For the number just say “Ok cool, so listen I need to go but we should hang out sometime (pause) what’s your number, I’ll text you”.

That should be enough.

For an instant date, you can say… “Hey, what are you doing now? I mean I have 10 minutes before I need to go but we should go for a coffee if you have 10 minutes spare?”

Final word on pickup artist techniques

Practice, practice and practice some more.

The more work you put it the easier they will get. I would recommend you choose a few of the techniques, remember them and work on them for a few weeks rather than doing all of them at once.

Want more advanced techniques that will take your game to the next level? Watch this video.

What’s your favourite technique?

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  1. Great article!

    Agree with some other comments about it not being a new idea, but certainly a new perspective and with your examples of real world scenarios I can see this certainly helping my junior devs and even clients get their heads around the concept.

  2. Hey there,
    Look I have read your book (The Natural) and have watched your videos. Majority of things you teach make sense and are correct. But for the sake of your reputation and for saving your readers from learning wrong stuff, stop putting the other guy’s (Yad) photos and stuff on your web site. 99% of things he does are wrong. Just look at the photo of his that you’ve put on this page. That body language and posture looks miserable and is terribly wrong. Just buy a simple book like “The idiot’s guide to body language” and you will get what I am trying to say!! I understand you want to promote your business through affiliation but I think you are just making a damage to it at the moment! Best of luck :)

  3. Great article with the basics.

    Another tip I can recommend is never approach a pair of girls. Saw someone else with this comment months ago. Single or groups of three. I actually prefer groups of three, because you can easily pick the hottest one, and the other two will understand that you don’t want all three of them. If there is just a pair, the dynamic is hard to break up. If she is alone, there will be no distractions but the bathroom and any other AMOGs that want to interrupt your game.

    Best advice I could give any guy (not like I’m qualified to give advice), is go out not trying to accomplish anything, talk to as many girls as you can and approach a girl quickly after eye contact and IOIs. As soon as you hesitate internally, your hesitation will carry over into the physical world and just a speck of uncertainty will give off warnings signs to even the most clueless woman. Damn you clever women!

  4. Hi, I had another suggestion that I’ve used and has worked a couple times. This is one of those where you escalate very quickly.

    If it’s too loud in a bar or club, or even if it’s just kinda loud, and you’ve made eye contact with a girl and gotten indisputable IOIs back from her, approach her and maintain eye contact, and say something simple like, “What’s your name?” Don’t say it very loud and exaggerate your mouth movements so she can read your lips. Before you actually start talking or making out or whatever, have fun with this and pantomime if you can. Find a funny way to pantomime your name for example. If she doesn’t get it, say it loud enough and then say, “Pleased to meet you,” or whatever. She’ll laugh.

    It’s the funny/sexy approach, because you have to know you’re in before you try this, otherwise you’re going to look like a fool.

  5. How do you transition from the opener into good conversation or DHVing? I’ve never tried direct openers because they scare me, and I don’t know how to use them without telegraphing too much interest. But
    The biggest thing is phase shifting to create more options in the conversation. Especially with indirect openers (ex. Jealous girlfriend.)

  6. This is a very nice low-down and reminder of what needs to be done, I am from Ireland and to find other PUAs or people interested in Pick up is like trying to find leprechauns – there out there but were???


    PS. got a book on Amazon and also free to read on studying and memory have a look guys

  7. What if while sexual escalating she pulls away or says something?what shall we do then?

    • PUA Training says

      Then you need to start again from scratch… build rapport, get a connection, break rapport, qualify, sexually escalate. Just keep running the same game until enough rapport has been built and she can’t resist.

  8. eye contact is there, she smiles, i approach and begin extreme kino laced with no bullshit direct game. shaggin ensues. i go on about my day. wish it was that easy!!!

  9. Hey, I am from out of town and I was looking for a good place to grab a cup of coffee. She replys, oh yeah its just up so and so street. Its good there. I say, oh well would you like to join me for a cup? If yes, go get coffee, if no thanks, then go ask the next cute girl where you can find coffee!

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