Picking Up Girls On A Budget: The Poor Man’s Guide To Getting Laid


It can be cheap if you try.

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I get a lot of guys emailing me asking about learning game and sleeping with women, but on a budget… meaning they don’t want to spend much money because they are either out of work or just not earning enough to spend money on women.

My answer is always the same.

You don’t need to spend barely any money on girls, even hot ones… and you can STILL get laid.

The only time you’re going to spend money is if you go to expensive bars, for dinner or you feel as though it’s the gentlemanly thing to pay for everything.

Personally I think men should pay for women, but only when it suits that man… not the woman.

Having said that, there’s really no reason why you should be doing anything with a girl that involves spending much money if anything at all.

I want to give you a few examples of date ideas and things to do with girls that doesn’t involve spending much money. That way, you can still date multiple women, just without worrying about spending money you don’t have.

Ok, let’s get on with it…

1. Set the tone for the date

When setting a date with a girl, you want to set the tone. Most guys will automatically say something like “Cool, I’ll shoot you a text on the weekend and we can go for a drink somewhere”. Not only is this a boring date idea, it’s also something that can be quite costly depending on where you go.

So in future, just say something like “Cool, I’ll shoot you a text and we can do something fun”. This leaves her with a feeling of excitement and also anticipation of what you might do. If she knows you’re just going for a drink, it will be predictable and boring for her.

2. Coffee shops are perfect

If you’re on a serious budget, just take girls to coffee shops. Even if you don’t do daygame, there are plenty of late night coffee shops that look like lounge bars in major cities. These are perfect for spending virtually no money. If you can get the right spot, then it will be easy to build rapport and sexual tension.

Scope out a few coffee shops in your area before choosing a regular spot that you take all your dates too. If you’re good enough with your social skills, you can get to know the owner or staff and maybe even get a few free coffees out of them too.

3. Go to the park

The park is the ultimate date place for day time dates really. It’s romantic, relaxing, very public (so she can trust you) and FREE. Depending on what city you’re in, you may be near a park that has a bunch of free activities you can both do like riding boats on the lake, riding bikes, listening to live music etc.

Plan your park dates ahead of time and you could end up going on a day that has a free festival or market that would compliment the date and not cost you a penny.

4. Research free attractions in your city

Again this largely depends on the city you live in, but most cities around the world have tourist type attractions you can book up, which are totally free. These types of attractions are great for not spending anything and giving you a bunch of things to talk about during the date, not to mention help with the awkward silences.

5. Be clever with your bars

Don’t totally rule out bars if you’re strapped for cash. Sign up for bar offers, do some research on local bars in your area and see if they are offering happy hours, special offers etc that you can take advantage of. You could have a great night out on a very small budget and it’s worth it if you like a particular girl.

6. Go dutch… if you must

Some guys make a big deal out of splitting the bill with girls (this doesn’t work with traditional women), which is something I never understood. But if you don’t want to pay for her, then you need to make it clear to her early on. Saying something like “Nice… £400 for a bottle of Veuve Clicquot… do you have your credit card with you?”.

Or “Let’s get one more and then I’ll take you to a cool place around the corner… it’s you’re round right?”.

This will let her know that she’s paying 50/50, but it’s still quite an awkward thing to do if you ask me, I’d much rather pay for her.

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  1. Oi! Rich.This is great tips for how to stay on a low budget while travelig. But it’s even harder and more complicated while traveling i think- so much more to keep in mind and figure out.
    Would you say that staying in one place where you are familiar and speak the language is better than travelig around? becuase this seems so complicated and difficult, especially when you plan on travelig alone.
    Obrigado, Enrique.

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