13 Things You Should Never Text An Ex Girlfriend If You Want To Get Back With Her

Things You Should Never Text Your Ex Girlfriend

Stop screwing things up dude.

So you recently split up with your girlfriend and you still have her number. You want to get back with her because you love her… mmmmm, what should you do?

I know! Text her useless shit that will make you look like an annoying troll and see if that will convince her to jump back into your bed.

Ok, sarcasm over.

Let’s get to the truth… the facts.

If you text your ex girlfriend anything and I mean ANYTHING from the list below, then you do not deserve her. She will not get back with you and you’ve just ruined your chances of making her your girlfriend again.

Always start with the basics, like cocky funny text messages so you can re-ignite those feelings she once had.

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1. Song lyrics

Seriously dude? You’re going to send her song lyrics? You absolutely deserve to be punched in the balls by a midget, you CHEESY f**ker. Don’t ever send her snippets of song lyrics and expect a positive reply, you will just make yourself look like a dick.

2. One word texts

These have to be the most lazy, annoying text messages to send an ex and a texting game I can’t get behind. In your stupid head, you are just reaching out to her and letting her know that you’re still thinking about her. But put yourself in her shoes. You receive a text saying “Hey” or “Whatsup?”. How do you respond to that really? It’s just a dumb move.

3. Flirty emojis

How old are you really? Do you think that by sending a broken heart or a kissy face, that she’s going to beat down your door and beg you to take her back? If you send flirty emojis to your ex girl, then you deserve what you’re about to get… nothing.

4. Belligerent rants

Rants usually stem from being emotional and in the moment. You want to get a point across to her that you couldn’t muster in person. Not to mention, it’s probably fueled by alcohol. Angry rant texts will only lead to bigger problems and you will push her away mentally.

Think about it for a second. When you send a rant, she’s going to be reading your carefully crafted heartfelt waffle in her own voice in her own head. It’s not going to work bro, so stop that. NOW.

5. Pathetically needy texts

Saying things like “I really miss you” or “you’re too good for me I know” or “please take me back” are only going to make things worse. In her eyes you look like a pathetic little boy who’s seeking approval from mummy. Not a turn on.

6. Horny texts

When you get drunk and you start thinking with your cock, don’t text your ex telling her how much you want to bang her and how sexy she is or that you want her to send you nudes. Chances are, she will not be happy to receive sexting messages like “I really want to sleep with you” or “I’m horny”.

7. True feelings

In your mind, saying what you truly feel over text, sounds like it could be a good idea. Unfortunately in reality, it’s a TERRIBLE idea and will only push her further away. Saying things like “I still love you, you’re the only girl I want” or “You make me so happy, I just want you to be my girlfriend again” will simply make matters worse.

8. Dick pics or any sexual pics

Come on, really? You’re going to send her a dic pic? The last thing an ex girlfriend wants to see is your naked body, let alone your pecker. Nothing good will come of this. All that will happen is she will show it to her friends and they will have a good old chat about what a twat you are.

9. Follow up texts

Just like with the needy stuff, a follow up text just screams “I’m a loser, please take notice of me!”. Think of it like this… With each text message you send to her without a response, she gains more power over you. She’s winning.

10. Apologetic texts

Never ever apologise by text. It just doesn’t have the same impact than if you were to do it in person. It’s a last ditch attempt at making things right. But it just doesn’t pack a punch and will dilute her feelings towards you more. Actually it will make her lose a little respect for you.

11. Goodbye texts

This isn’t a rom-com. It’s real life. When you send an emotional goodbye text, you are basically saying “I’m a soppy fool and not a real man, please take me back. If you don’t then I’m just going to try my hardest to make you feel bad with one last ditch attempt at a head f**k text”.

12. Rude or abusive texts

Just because you’re still stalking your ex on Facebook, it doesn’t give you the right to be mean. So what if she’s seeing a new guy or she’s put on a little breakup weight. That gives you the right to be a douche and let her know? Not cool dude, never send abusive or rude texts, it will just push her further away.

13. Happy birthday texts

It’s her birthday, so why not send her a thoughtful text that will make her think of you on her BIRTHDAY, that makes sense right? Dude you suck. When you send her a text on her birthday, it’s because you want to piss her off and it will. But it won’t get her back, that’s for sure.

The bottom line is this: If your ex girl wont text back, she’s not interested. Move on.

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