How To Start A Text Conversation With A Girl (And Guarantee A Response From Her)


Use these openers to get the conversation started…

Starting a text conversation with a girl can be tricky. It usually depends on the why, which helps you to setup the frame of the text and craft an opening text that will pretty much force her to reply.

The key to getting girls to reply from the very first text is to evoke an emotion that compels them to do so. If you’re text DOES NOT evoke humour or curiosity then you can bet that she will flake.

Use these text game openers if you’re interested in opening over text, instead of in-person.

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How to NOT start a conversation

The best way to guarantee that she will never text you back is if you text a girl something boring, unimaginative and predictable. Here are some examples of crappy texts that most guys send to start a conversation with a girl:

“Hey how are you?”
“Hey what’s up?”
“Yo, waddup?”
“Hey what are you up to?”
“Hey how is it going?”

These are things to say to your girlfriend, NOT a girl you want to hookup with.

3 scenario types to consider

Starting a conversation with a girl over text falls into 3 types of scenarios. 1) you got her number during the day or in a bar/club 2) you lost touch and haven’t text each other for a couple of months or several weeks and 3) you got her number through a friend, but do know each other already.

Got her number but haven’t text her yet

The fact that she gave you her number shows a level of interest. Now before you get excited, this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed a response. You still need to work at this stage to get her out on a day 2.

The best way to kick off a text message and get her to text back is by arousing curiosity. Once you have her attention, it will be far easier to keep the conversation going and arrange a meet up.

Saying something like “I hope you’re ready” or “Well that sucks…” will always get you a response. You can follow up with something funny or do some kind of text roleplaying.

Remember the key is stand out from every other guy that is texting her right now and saying something dumb like “Hey, remember me from last night?”.

Lost touch and haven’t text in a while

Let’s say that you’ve lost touch with a girl that you used to date, sleep with occasionally or maybe didn’t even get to meet, but you have her number and you want to rekindle that lost connection. There are many ways to do this and I’ve written about how to do it here… but one of the easiest ways to do this is by sending her a playful text.

Something like “How’s my favourite little brat doing?” or “Knock knock…” will make her smile and want to text back. There’s a chance she may have deleted your number, so be prepared for that

Got her number through a friend

Ok, so you know a girl (kind of) through a friend and you think she’s into you. A friend of yours sent you her number (because they know each other) and you want to text her. Now what?

Well, this can be tricky because you want to engage her in a text thread but at the same time you don’t want to scare her by thinking some creepy guy got her number from someone else.

So starting with something like “Hey YOU! Guess what?” or “Haha, is it true??” will arouse enough curiosity to get a response, allowing you to explain who you are.

To be honest, guys ask me how to open girls over text they haven’t met before and I always say don’t. It’s a little too creepy for my liking. It can work for sure, but it’s not ideal.

A few things to remember

1. Length of your texts should be shorter than hers – Keep the length of your text messages down to a few lines. Like 3 or 4. Also make sure they are shorter than hers. When you look over a text thread, she should be the one showing more interest. This is one of the biggest reasons why girls don’t text back.

2. Keep the emoticons to a minimum – 10 years olds use emoticons constantly. Although they are fine to use, only use them occasionally. Otherwise she will think you’re childish.

3. Slooooooooow down big boy – Don’t reply to her texts as soon as you receive them. Wait a few minutes, get on with your life, run some errands and let her wait a bit. There’s no rush.

4. Never say you like her over text – Don’t admit you like her over text or have feelings for her. It’s not going to do you any favours, once you do this… SHE has the power and you can kiss that texting thread goodbye along with her interest in you.

5. Don’t ask her to send nudes – Even if you’re super horny. This will KILL the vibe.

Want more texting advice? Then you should watch this video to get Jedi powers when texting girls. OR just use these PUA text game rules which must be followed at all times.

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  1. Nonsense !
    If the girl you texting like you her mind will accept almost anything you text her. If she doesn’t fancy you no matter how much you try is not going to got you anywhere.
    We are different and that’s the beauty in this world. You can text to 100 girls …. “Hi how are you ?” you going to get different kind of responses to none.And depends from plenty of factors in our daily life. For example in the same person when you send that text depends her mood you will have different response.
    So all that is nonsense.

  2. azhar katchi says

    I need some openers for socials and to pick up at loud clubs, immediately please. Id really appreciate this help from an expert like you

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